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Best Los Angeles Immigration Assistance

By Deanne Shepard

Over the years, the United States has been seen as the dreamland where people go to better their lives and achieve their dreams. This has seen people from diverse locations across the globe traveling to this nation just to have a piece of the cake everyone seems to be going after. Seeking Los Angeles immigration assistance is among the options one can explore in acquiring legal residency in this nation.

According to the migration Act section 276, there are certain terms that immigrant can meet which would help them acquire United States citizenship. Some of the basics entail; winning green card lottery, securing a job in a company within the state which can help out in the documentation, having a close family member and having to forcefully move for political reasons.

By a family member it means a close one like your parents or siblings; however, one ought to be under the age of 21 years if they are to be immigrated under this Act. Moreover, while travelling for other reasons other than visiting, one is required to have a family member or a friend who can host and support them and more so act as their guarantor.

Annually, numerous people across the world especially in Africa move to the United States for political reasons. The immigration Act is specific in regards to protecting political refugees who suffer under poor leadership that advocates the killing of its own people. In addition, those that are witnesses of political crimes that are on the international level can be hosted in the United States for security purposes.

Moreover, each year the American government offers opportunities for foreigners to win green cards under a lottery which means they can be legally allowed to reside in the nation permanently. This game is availed to everyone across the globe but only if you meet certain standards such as education level and all they do is select their winners randomly and award them with these green cards.

Language barrier is a challenger that most foreigners face especially the people come from countries where English is barely spoken. For this reason, surviving in this foreign land can be hard as one is constantly depending on others for simple tasks. With this, getting a job gets difficult as one ought to be able to communicate in any job position.

With illegal immigration being a problem that government has been trying to solve for years, there are thousands of undocumented immigrants who some of them have even acquired a family. In this case, one can get a lawyer who can represent them in applying for citizenship especially if one is married by an American or has had children within the state.

Given that foreigners or immigrants have no social security numbers; hence they cannot pay taxes, getting employed is difficult as the employer risks a lawsuit on fraud grounds; moreover, other tend to utilize this opportunity to mistreat and overpay this desperate individuals who have no option that to comply. The majority fails to report to the authorities as they fear that their undocumented residency within the state will be known to the government; hence risk deportation.

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