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Guideline On Resolving Problems Associated With Addiction

By Linda Ruiz

Historically, chronic pain and addiction were treated as separated issues. Pain clinics mainly focused on medical model. Resolving problems associated with addiction uses variety of strategies whose main emphasis is to help a patient recover from dependency on alcohol and drug. These two modalities cannot be able to help a patient who is faced by both addiction and chronic pain. If a pain disorder is associated to addictive behavior, the impact is worsened.

Addiction is closely related to emotional immaturity. Many individuals who become substance addicts do it because they find it difficult to counter their emotions. Alcohol and substance abuse does provide a temporal relief but in the end the case worsen. When a person escapes addiction, the emotions face them again. In order to recover successful, an addict needs to design better ways of dealing with emotions.

There are steps helpful in fighting chronic pain coupled with emotions. Acknowledging own feelings. The hardest thing would be to acknowledge your feelings mostly in cases where you encounter hard feelings. You must identify them though since you cannot fight something that you do not know. Avoid judging yourself too much and accept yourself. This way you will be compassionate to yourself and makes it easier to find the problem.

Pointing out your strengths. You ought to identify a good thing about yourself. It will help you to calm down when you are under pressure. You will reinforce your self confidence. The other step is cutting down stress. It will relax your body. Eventually the stress hormones are reduced and it will make you to think more clearly. It will also help you make better and informed decisions.

Avoiding negative thought leading to depressed moods. Many individuals with chronic emotional pain have pessimistic views. Negative thinking results to a distortion and makes the situation to look hopeless. In case such feelings appear, a person should search for evidence that will create a positive feeling. It is crucial for a person to believe in oneself and fight negative expectations.

Fighting inner critic. This can result from a history of being judged harshly. It is ideal to treat oneself as compassionate and understanding. It is essential to develop a good perspective and searching for a piece of mind. Minding about the company that one has is another important step. It turns important to avoid people having negative thinking

Avoiding being obsessed with negative thoughts and feelings. One should understand what he or she believes in. At the same time, it crucial to avoid the negative ones since they will magnify pessimistic thinking as well as emotions. If one is feeling down, he or she should look for ways to better the situation. Giving enough attention to positive thinking will help a person to have control and thus possess a good mental health.

Finally, always fix the balance. Balancing oneself means taking into account all aspects of life. This will include eating well and exercising the body. It also includes; enough sleep, work, relationships and social life. One should have a routine which should be aimed at ensuring that the body is taken care of.

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