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Information About San Antonio Eye Glasses

By Deanne Shepard

Eye glasses are lenses that contain frames made of wood, plastic, metal, ceramic or other materials for maintaining their position on the eyes. Names like spectacles and glasses are also used to refer to them. Different people around the world wear them for different reasons. Today, one glass can perform more than one function due to incorporation of various features into them. In San Antonio eye glasses are prescribed and produced by eye care professionals with several years of experience. Products in San Antonio are therefore of high quality.

The use for which these articles are meant is used to categorize them. Main categories are safety, 3D, corrective, sunglasses, and fashion articles. Refractive errors in individuals suffering from vision impairment use corrective lenses to correct the defects. The products eliminate effects caused by eye conditions such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. This is achieved through bending light rays that pass through the glass. Optometrists or ophthalmologists make the prescriptions for all designs of glasses. Lensmeter is the device used in verification of the accuracy of prescriptions.

Safety glasses are solely for protecting the eyes against flying debris. Shatter resistant plastic is used to make the lens. They provide safety against both liquid and solid substances in various working conditions. Sometimes welding helmets may be inconvenient or uncomfortable hence special types of goggles are used to protect eyes. Such goggles have dark lenses. Athletes use nylon-framed products in training and competitions due to their lightweight and flexibility.

Sunglasses are at times worn to preventing UV and bright light from harming the eyes. The lens incorporated in such products is photosensitive. This means that its color transforms to dark upon being struck by bright Ultraviolet radiation. This way, excessive radiation is blocked off from reaching the eyes and causing harm. Light polarization capability incorporated in modern products also allow them to eliminate horizontally polarized beams

In the current world many people wear these products for fashion purposes while others do so as a way of hiding their eyes. There are many famous people and celebrities who wear eyeglasses to distinguish themselves from movie characters they play or for identity. Blind people also put on glasses that are near opaque for cosmetic reasons.

Modern lenses are being made from high-tech plastics and not glass as was the tradition for many years due to better technology. The shift to high-tech plastics is because they offer more advantages than glass. Among the advantages offered include being thinner, scratch-resistant, light, not easily breakable, ability to be treated, and durable. This makes lenses to classified into different classes including trivex, photochromic, polycarbonate, aspheric, polarized, and high index plastic.

Each lens category is suitable for use in different applications. For instance, polycarbonate lens is resistant to impact hence suitable for children and athletes. Trivex lens is lighter, thinner, and offers better vision correction although its properties and those of polycarbonate lens are similar. Plastic used to manufacture trivex lens is relatively newer too.

High index plastic lens is designed to suit strong prescriptions. Their curvatures are made of differing degrees. The nature of curvature distinguishes it from traditional lenses which are normally spherical. Usable surface in aspheric lens is larger because of the nature and shape of the surface.

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