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The Christian View On Psychic Readings

By Tanisha Berg

It is the nature of humans to love excitement. Usually, humans cannot put up with hidden mysteries. That is why as you can see, a lot of researchers risk their lives just to find out what is not yet known to man. This inquisitive nature is due to the desire of man to know things. Especially if the matter concerns personal affairs, people really make an effort to get hold of the information.

With this situation, there were activities which have been invented in order to answer to the interest of man for hidden mysteries. Speaking of this, the most common practice which people rely on concerning this is the practice of psychic readings. This has actually become a very popular practice afforded by individuals nowadays and quite many put their trust in it.

Now, speaking of psychic activities, it is basically a practice of discerning information by making use of perceptive abilities or the natural perceptions of human senses such as taste, touch, sound, sight, and instinct. These natural extensions as they call it, are basically claimed to be clairvoyance or vision, clainsentinence or feeling, claircognisance or factual knowing, and clairaudience or hearing.

Basically, these engagements are linked to paranormal activities which means that they are making use of both natural and supernatural means to perform their practices. Well, some answers they give have borne fruit though. But even with such claim, even extensive experiments did not find any precognitive proof that can support such happenings.

Because of the output, it was acknowledged as a psuedoscience. But then, even if it were claimed for such, some still believed the claims of psychics seriously. Some even go to as far as relying to it for the outcome of their future and because of this, it did not meet the principles of certain religions particularly Christianity.

Basically, Christians believed that such practice is not on the side of God, but of the devil. This conclusion is basically due to the fact that this practice performs occult practices which the Bible strongly condemns. With this, things like horoscopes, tarot cards, fortune telling, astrology, palm readings, and seances are all taboo.

But these practices claim to be of great help to people who avail them. However, Christians still see the matter as unhelpful. For them, everything should be under the consent of God. But these occult practices do not consider God at all. Instead, it forces its way to whatever it wants. Given such willfulness, it means defiance to the will of God.

However, humans are attached to the world and they cannot just resist any kind of invitation to convenience. This is the reason why even among Christians, you will still find people who take interest in such kinds of affairs. And you can even see these practices evidently in the society today. Most especially during Halloween, you will see this being practiced.

Usually, people avail of the service of psychics by paying a fee. But this activity has already even expanded. Right now, you cannot just find them in booths anymore. You can even avail of it through the telephone or through online already. Given such, it has become easier to avail and can draw interested individuals to try it.

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