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The Importance Of A Speech Coach Los Angeles

By Mattie MacDonald

If one is a leader in just about any industry or in any profession, he will inevitably have to deliver a speech in front of a while crowd. Now when one would give speeches, it is not all just about talking in front of a bunch of people as there are a lot of things one would have to take note of when delivering a speech. So it is for this very reason that a lot of leaders would get themselves a speech coach los angeles who can help them out.

Now when one would have his lesson, the very first thing that he will be learning about would be verbal communication. The way that one would present his message is actually equally as important as the content. If one has really good content and has bad presentation skills, then no one will listen to him even if his speech is really good.

Now when it comes to verbal communication, the two key elements to focus on would be voice expression and voice loudness. Of course one must make sure that his voice is loud and clear so that his audience can hear him. He also has to make sure that his voice his not monotonous and should be full of expression.

Now another very important thing to think about would be the tempo of the voice. When one would say tempo, he means that the voice should not be too fast nor too slow. It should just be the right speed wherein the audience can understand the speaker and will also not be bored.

Now aside from the verbal communication, it is very important to have good nonverbal communication as well. When one would say nonverbal communication, this would be the body language that he is showing to the audience. His posture and body actions should show confidence and conviction when talking about the topic at hand.

Now if one would stand, he must make sure that his back is straight and his feet are slightly apart. Of course he may walk around the stage and make a few hand gestures if he wants but he has to make sure not to overdo it. Now when he is on stage, he has to look relaxed even if he does feel tense so that the audience does not feel his tension.

Now the last lesson would of course be the visual aids for the speech. Now it is common knowledge that if one uses too many words in a Powerpoint presentation, no one is going to listen. So if one is going to use a Powerpoint presentation as his visual aid, he has to make sure to limit the text to words or phrases and add pictures.

So basically, those are some of the things that a speech coach will teach. In America, the city of Newport Beach CA is known for their extremely well versed speech coaches. The coaches in this area are experienced speakers and are able to really teach the students what should be learned.

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