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Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Certification

By Jody Leach

Six sigma is a number of techniques and equipment that are utilized in order to make improvements to a process. This system works by identifying and eliminating the causes of flaws in a manufacturing process. In so doing it improves the process and reduces variability in the business. This brings in the idea of lean six sigma healthcare certification.

This sigma system puts to use a set of highly effective management procedures. These methods include the use of statistics for data analysis and such. The protocol also includes the creation of a special team of people with special skills at overseeing it. This team should comprise of specialists and experts at their jobs only. Every project worked upon in such an organization goes through a sequence of procedure to achieve maximum efficiency.

On the other hand lean sigma six is a combination of the protocol and lean production ideas. This combination works as a very effective way of monitoring production activities so as to reduce waste of resources. This system works perfectly in elimination of wastes like inventory, transportation and other forms of material.

Lean manufacturing as a production idealism emphasizes on optimal production in an organization. This philosophy insists that production should be only to the level of requirement by the customers. Excessive production is a mere waste of resources and not economically viable. This production principle originally was used by the Japanese but has lately been borrowed by several industries.

In addition to manufacturing and production companies, the lean six sigma can be used in many other businesses. That list includes medical and healthcare too. It is however very specific on mode of operation and facilitation at that. Creativity is very crucial for proper function of this hybrid program. That is why it requires highly trained specialists to operate it effectively. Deployment of this mechanism to any institution will have a number of benefits to it. That is it will benefit the customers and the company too.

Unlike other quality control procedures this particular method is customer oriented. It scrutinizes all the processes involved in the production so as to eliminate defects. This makes it the leading system in quality control and production. With this mechanism at work, the customers are bound to be satisfied with the services being offered by the health care organization.

It is a highly proactive method that embarks on solving problems way before they come into existence. Unlike the reactive systems that only start to function when a problem has been detected in the organization. Therefore it saves the organization from wasting resources that are quite scarce and expensive to secure. This is a very big plus for the company as it helps to reduce costs and thereby improving the profit margin.

However, this operation system has a few bad sides too. The numerous procedures, processes and tools can be quite hectic to master and operate for even an expert. Also they can cause time wastage and under utility of brilliance at the work place. Since people are too focused on having the system to work.

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