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Using A Fabric Covered Headboard To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

By Kerri Stout

You are satisfied with your decorating scheme in your room except for your bed. It looks plain and ordinary and you are thinking about how much nicer it would look with a fabric covered headboard. This is a unique and versatile method of selecting the perfect materials to match your decor.

There are many advantages to using these bed additions. They are fairly inexpensive as compared to wood or metal styles. They are easily cleaned and maintained. The selections are many and can be found in physical stores and online. No foot board is necessary. In fact, sometimes it is better to be without one as they obstruct views from windows or glass walls or block the view to a television screen. These are exactly some of the reasons that you rarely find foot boards in hotel or motel rooms.

You can utilize materials that will make the bed addition pop against a painted wall or paneling. It can enhance the entire look of the bedroom by adding a touch more of style and texture. For example, in a nautical decor, a dark blue style against a light blue painted wall will add so much more of an aquatic theme to the entire room.

These models can be selected and purchased in many styles. They can be straight, curved, ornate, rectangular or very simple. The many sizes available include full, queen, king or twin bed dimensions. If you own a very unusual or odd-sized bed, they can be custom made.

There is a wide selection of upholstery available and the model can be made with anything from silk, suede, micro-suede, heavy canvas, or polyester. Make your choice of the one that best fits the personality of the room and the person who will be inhabiting it. For example, a young teen girl may really love a purple or pink silk style.

Special upholstery touches can make a huge difference. The extra padding will make it look richer and more eleant. Deeper tufts will look truly refined and nail heads can give a masculine touch to the furnishings. For children's styles, attempt to eliminate any buttons, nail heads or other extras that can be pull from the furnishing.

Two-tone fabrics, floral materials, large checks or a combinations of varnished wood trim and an upholstered back will give a distinctive look to your purchase. The use of taller headboards can give the illusion of height in the room. Posts can be added to Early American or French Provincial styles to help them blend with the main style in the room. For children's rooms, seek out unusual prints and designs that will reflect the personalities of the occupants.

One of the best and most important advantages of this type of purchase is that changes can be easily and inexpensively made later after a new decor is chosen or different color is desired. An experienced upholsterer will be able to replace the old material with new, keeping the main frame for continued use.

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