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Why A Creative Addiction Recovery Therapist Is The Best Option

By Elsa Noel

Failure to comprehensively address addictions leads to relapse that can be more damaging than the initial phases. The assistance of a creative addiction recovery therapist provides an effective way to assist addicts regardless of the damage done. This approach appeals to the inner or authentic self and therefore has a longer lasting impact.

Creativity offers a chance to replace the bad habits with new and rewarding activities. This makes it more entertaining to undergo therapy with additional physical results. The time spent in pursuing the new activities helps to push the old and addictive habits away. You have a professional artistic therapist to accompany you through the journey of recovery and acquisition of new skills and identity.

Art is very expressive and offers a perfect and reliable solution. This helps to boost self esteem by appealing to your authentic self. It gives you a new identity beyond offering new experiences that will transform your personality and life in general. A person has something practical and rewarding to hold on as he exits the addictive world. Dropping the addiction thus becomes easier.

The routine that characterizes many therapies discourages the addicts as they pursue recovery. Stopping a habit that you are used to comes with emotional pressure. There are numerous restrictions and confinement that results in a feeling of emptiness. Art comes with psychological, physical and emotional rewards. It leads to development of a new personality and adapting a new lifestyle. The time taken by the new art prevents a relapse.

The options for therapists include dance, drama, music, painting and poetry. The patient identifies the best artistic option depending on interest and ability. Dance provides a way to express your ideas and understanding through body movement. The patient makes a choice between the genres available. It is an engaging and exhaustive encounter with great physical and psychological rewards.

Drama is a perfect channel especially when dealing with groups. Role play helps the addicts to identify with their behavior and actions when under influence. The actor corrects his behavior by enacting it in a drama. This will appeal to his inner self and instincts, a process that will awaken the desire to change.

Music offers a number of options for addicts and their therapists. There are opportunities for individual acts, groups and instrumentation. Vocal sessions are expressive and come with incredible rewards to the body and soul. The physical results of music added to the time spent in preparation helps to push away addictive tendencies.

Drumming has proven effective in enhancing brain functions after damage by an addiction. It slows down brain wave cycles and enhances body coordination. The result is a more synchronized act and stronger body organs.

Poetry offers multiple options to act as a writer or to recite pieces that are already written. This is an effective way to support inner growth and healing. The genre requires use of memory and creativity to compose a poem or set up a performance. Engaging the brain brings it back to life while the commitment and expressive nature of recitals raises self esteem leading to faster and more effective healing.

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