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Consequences Of Gender Discrimination In Sports Media

By Tammie Caldwell

Discrimination comes in different forms and anyone can be a victim. Some of the oldest forms of discrimination are racial, gender related, and social. Some people are being bullied just because of their race. In history, black people have been oppressed merely because of their color. One of the worst forms is the period when the Nazis executed Jews just because of being Jews.

Although not as brutal and excessive as in the past, discrimination still happens to date in the form of bullying. This happens in schools, institutions, organisations, or even randomly on the road, and in media. Gender discrimination in sports media is an example. There are also athletes who are bullied and teased because of their nationality or race regardless of how good they are in playing.

A scandalous example of racism is in National Basketball Association or NBA. One of the officials has been removed totally from the organization because of mocking a player for being black. This is a blatant expression of racism. Many are condemning this because this is simply inappropriate, unethical, and degrading. Sports do not choose color. As long as the players excel in a particular game, they should be applauded and respected.

For trans genders, gays, bis, and lesbians, it is a very cruel world they live in. Often, they are denounced by their families. So they turn to their friends who are also suffering the same thing. Hence, the LGBT community was formed to answer all the issues about these individuals and help them cope with the harsh realities if the world.

In sports, there are only very few individuals who are very open about their sexual orientation. The LGBT community has tried to change their fate and the perception of people towards them. That is why they are encouraging all those who are like them to participate and come out in the open.

It is extra difficult if the public knows these people. If they are known to be straight but then they suddenly come out showing who they really are, they will be stoned to death in a figurative way. The stones represent the judgmental opinions of others in the social media, in television interviews, and those random people they meet.

In schools, it is so sad to hear news that there are kids dying because of bullying. This is still an ongoing case up to this point in time. Mostly, the blacks who are affected can lead them to either commit crimes or become victims of crimes themselves. School shootings, gang riots, and other crimes are sometimes committed by teens and young adults who have histories of being bullied.

In schools, on the other hand, there are actually juveniles who either die or taken under the custody of the juvenile court because of committing a bullying related crime. The issue of race is still very evident in schools and the blacks and Asians are usually the victims. As a result, there are violence and crimes possibly because of self defense or revenge.

The consequences of showing bullying as funny and amusing could be harsh especially among children. On the other hand, intensifying efforts to eliminate discrimination in any institution will have positive transformation effects to people.

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