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How To Stop Racism In Professional Sports

By Tammie Caldwell

It has been said that before you can stop racism sports, everyone must stop racism in society. As long as people are hateful; towards those that are not like them in the society, there is no other way to stop this in the sports world. Actually, racism is not a person, it is an idea. It is the idea that each race has intrinsic and distinct attributes, the beliefs that one race is kinda superior to others.

Sports are undeniably an important part of the society today. Millions watch television everyday to follow their team or their favorite players. Games are allotted sports on the popular networks, sports news can be seen over the regular nightly news, there are colleges around the country are known for their sports than their academics and the list is endless. Racism in professional sports are actually present today.

When there are incidents of racism or bigotry against players, it is actually a big news and the country sees it. Most of the contradictions with respect to black athletes these days stand in contrast to the past, when blacks were not even allowed to participate, much less to be considered for ownership or management positions.

Discrimination may also exist in specific attitudes of fans towards black athletes and in proper management positions. But, today, it is far perfect in the tremendous improvement over the past years. The problems or issues could faced by most black athletes which they would be grateful to have.

While it is undeniably true that the admission of blacks to the ranks of college and professional sport was slowly coming, it is clear from a certain examination of professional today that blacks and whites may coexist and work together on teams in every sport. In professional sport, black athletes stated that they were underpaid.

Inequality and xenophobia are crucial issues in a game and often seems to provoke the most violent and uncontrolled behaviors. In a worldly society, where the moral and ethics stature of its inhabitants appears to be improving at a rapid pace. What surprises about the issue of race within a sport is that you recognize the basis of discrimination.

Players protesting homophobia and discrimination is not new at all. In sport, inequality happens everywhere in different games. People who discriminate other people may bring inequalities. As the history proceeded, discrimination is baseball or basketball and others has shrunk drastically. Sport is actually meant to increase awareness that adheres to the notion f fair plays.

It is truly inspiring to see many organizations taking a stand for equality. However, the right ways and steps are being taken to try to take some of the inequality and discrimination out of this past time. Most of these athletes will unfortunately deal with the prejudices of societal norms until society moves past inequality first.

Actually, everyone can prevent inequality. You just need to think the right way. There are times when people judge others by their appearances when they are suppose to judge them on their physical appearances and personalities. It would not be nice if you were called, white, black, brown, it only hurts. Do not be racist, just be friendly especially for any sport.

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