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The Footpath Of The Sincere Person

By Jackie Warrior

Justin was still struggling and he did not understand why. He decided to walk the path of the sincere warrior, but it is not as easy as he thought. He was used to being dishonest always hiding his true self and it worked very well for a while. Now everything is crumbling around him and he has to face the fact that honesty is the way to go.

He realized that he had to begin with himself and face his fear of being discovered. He has been hiding behind a false persona and has gained many friends as a result, but the warrior inside of him started to awaken. He had an experience that caused him to question his behavior and his motives. It was at a friend's house that he would carry this persona for the last time.

It takes courage to be all you can be, but to be all you can means that you have to walk the path that you were born to walk. A warrior has to deal with this fact and fight to get to a place where they are comfortable living in their own light, letting others see this light, and as a result be encouraged to shine on their own. The reason why this is a fight is because it is not easy to do this.

Speaking the truth is the path a warrior has to take in order to be successful in all endeavors. It is the only path that leads to happiness because there is no need to hide. There is less work in being honest as oppose to lying to yourself and to everyone else. This is probably the reason why so many people respond positively to sincerity.

They appreciate the fact that this individual is not trying to cheat them in any way. As a result, the warrior is trusted by them. They notice that you can be honest and truthful but at the same time be graceful. However, it is not possible to please everyone, and there are those who will try their hardest to bring down those who are trying to spread positivity.

When they see your efforts, they will try to discourage you in various ways. Many times this might not be intentional, but is simply a reflection of what they are struggling with inside. They are so used to insincere people and negative situations that they do not know how to live any other way. If a person is motivated to do good, they can easily lose this desire if they continue to be with these types of people.

He noticed that every time he was around his old friends, he would feel tired and drained. In their minds, Justin was weak and did not fit in with their way of doing things. Justin also realized that as a warrior, he had to be careful of the people he associated with and so he made the difficult decision to move on with his life without them.

As the years went by, Justin's life continued to improve because of the decision he made to be happy. He came to be at peace with himself because he decided to be truthful and honest in everything. As a result, he was able to be an influence in the lives of those who truly desired the best for themselves.

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