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In The End, How Bad Do You Want It?

By Evan Sanders

It seems as time goes by I find myself finding many more ways to improve at the things I have dreamed and envisioned.

There are times throughout the day where I hear the following speech "How Bad Do You Want It?" by Eric Thomas in my earphones and it brings a new energy into me. I think that the stuff we listen to and digest has a bigger effect on us than we know. You have got to be careful about what you bring into your life - because negativity can control your consciousness and take you places you do not want to go. I had to stop listening to some artists because of the things they sang about. Those things are not meant to be in my life - they stand for everything I really am working against - and yet hearing them continuously can convince you of trying something your really don't want to.

How bad do you really want it kid? Oh, I want it so bad.

For a long time I couldn't put the rubber to the road. My passion for my dreams was overpowered by my fear of them failing. It's like a small kid playing with a new frightful toy. They happen to be so curious but they cannot quite yet grab it because it's so unfamiliar to them. This path I have taken has yielded me many of these moments and brought fear head on into my life. I have really become scared of more things in my life, and yet at the same time I have found some way to turn that fear into possibility and bring light to the situation.

We'll always be scared of things. The difference though between people who continue to progress and people who are under the control of fear lies in their capability to stay interested in the world and ideas. This, in all honesty, has been one of my best learning lessons across the past 5 years of my life - and I'm of the opinion that it is going to carry me forward into the future with open eyes and ears.

When you can see another lifestyle, a more positive way, a more happy way...don't ignore that. Understand what it is about that way of living that intrigues you and if you're ready, give it a try. Literally the most terrible thing that would occur is that you'll take a trip back to your old lifestyle. Really ask how much you are prepared to sacrifice and then move toward it. Along the way you will really find that this vision will demand more from you, and if you have it in you, you will truly be content to give up a lot for it.

How bad do you need it? What are you able to give up for it? Because you should have it - now go out and make it.

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