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Keys On How To Start Living Life To The Fullest

By Freida Michael

It helps to develop certain qualities if you are wanting to experience the best life has to offer. If you want to know how to start living life to the fullest, one of these important qualities is honesty. Someone who is being dishonest about him or herself always has to maintain a facade. This constantly drains energy and results in unhappiness. It is far better to be completely honest about yourself and what you want with yourself and others.

Self acceptance is another key. Accepting yourself exactly as you are, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future, opens you up to experience the present. This helps you to savor each moment as it arises. Never be so stuck in memories of the past or plans for the future, that the little present moments slip away unnoticed.

Change is a part of all of our lives and yet many of us are fearful of it. If we can learn to be flexible enough to flow with it and benefit from the new possibilities and opportunities it brings our way, we have won a huge battle. We are able to relinquish our comfort zones because we know that doing so often brings a deeper, richer existence. What may be difficult at first becomes easier as each new step is taken and every new challenge is overcome.

In a world where materialism rules and there is a constant drive to possess, we forget that it is often the simple things that bring the most fulfillment. A smile, a good book, a long walk in nature and many other small things can make each day meaningful and lift it out of mediocrity.

Deciding what is really important to you is halfway towards creating this. You can immediately start pruning away at anything that does not contribute towards what is meaningful to you. Being flexible does not mean that you should not have goals. However, these goals need to be your goals, not those of others. When you accomplish goals that are meaningful to you, you have a true sense of fulfillment.

It is important to take care of your body so that you have the health to experience all things fully. This means eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting enough sleep. Constant over-indulgence may be enjoyable for a while but the enjoyment does not last. Being a workaholic may bring financial rewards but is the sacrifice of precious time really worth it?

Our lives are less meaningful when we live them selfishly. There is a special happiness that comes from sharing our experiences with those we love. We have to learn to live unselfishly, giving of ourselves and our time. The reward we reap is immeasurable.

None of us know what lies ahead of us. We have to face what comes with courage and passion. Cultivating honesty, self awareness, flexibility, goal setting, caring for self and unselfishness in relationships will enhance the journey. You will be able to experience a sense of fulfillment and live life as it should be lived.

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