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Why So Many Want To How To Find Inner Peace With God

By Jordan Schmidt

Modern life is extremely stressful. Many people struggle to cope with all the demands made upon them. Many more have started to question the very meaning of their existence. They feel as if they are missing something important. Perhaps this is why therapists thrive and why thousands of websites and books offer people self fulfilment and personal growth. Millions feel that the remedy is to learn how to find inner peace with God.

One only has to visit a book store or conduct a rudimentary internet search to see that the business of self fulfilment and personal growth is a very big business indeed. Life coaches are busier than ever before. Millions of people feel dissatisfied with their lives. They strongly believe that there must be more to it and they will go to great lengths to find whatever it is they think is missing from their lives.

After decades of dwindling church attendance many denominations now experience a growth in active memberships. A number of studies and surveys, both formal and informal have been conducted about this phenomenon. One thing is clear. More and more people believe in the existence of a deity that is both omnipotent and omniscient. They believe that this deity is in control of not only the universe, but also of their own lives.

A lot of people return to the bosom of the church because they are fearful. In many cases such people never really stopped believing, but simply got sidetracked by the many demands made upon them by their careers and their families. They now reaffirm their faith because they need to know that life is ordered and that there truly is a being that is in full control. They need to be assured that life and events around them are not random, but rather part of a grand plan.

The core of many religions is a dogma of love, obedience and acceptance. People are told that the deity loves them above all else, that they are created in the image of the deity and that they are unique and precious. They are also exhorted to also love one another. Many church members find this comforting and meaningful. The simplicity of the message of love becomes the meaning that they wanted in their lives.

Religion therefore offers people contentment and even self fulfilment. Church members feel fulfilled because they stop focusing on their own unhappiness and wants but rather focus serving their deity. They reach out to others less fortunate than themselves and such acts provide them with a sense of happiness and usefulness. Many find a new meaning in life and they thrive in the company of others that believe as they do.

Of course, organized religion has many enemies and critics. They say that believers are deluding themselves and that the security and contentment that they find in religion is false. Many critics accuse believers of turning to God for deliverance because they are to weak to manage their own lives and to find meaning within their own selves. They argue that man should accept responsibility for his own existence.

The fact remains that millions of people believe in an omnipotent deity that loves all of His creation. Believers are assured that events do not happen randomly and that there is a plan. They also find assurance in the fact that there is an everlasting life and that life on this earth is but temporary.

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