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Psychic Employment: Are There Jobs Out There?

By Indling Edwards

If you are a psychic or thinking about becoming one, it is important to get yourself involved in a reputable company that will allow you to use your gifts. Many companies allow psychics to work with crystal balls, tarot card decks and runes. If you are a spiritual adviser, you can look at yourself and feel a sense of joy and happiness. Many spiritual advisers work to get answers for their clients. Many clients today have questions about love, career or money. It is never an easy thing to give advice someone that is desperate for answers. Many clients today want to know exactly when something will happen. However, the spirit world was not set up to know every single detail about life.

Some psychics will work online in order to do chat readings. Your job will be mainly to wait for potential clients to come into your chat room that you can give a reading for. Another way to give a reading is by telephone. You will find that giving psychic readings is fun and helpful to those that seek out your advice. However, can you handle the pressures of working for an astrology website?

Most astrology websites do not give you a steady 9 to 5 paycheck. You work for commission only and often the clients control your salary. You may have to work 40+ hours a week in order to be able to pay your rent. Many phone psychics earn .20 to $1.00 per minute. The rest of the money goes to the website. Even though your pay per minute rate is $7.00 per minute, you will often only see around .50 a minute. Is that okay with you?

Even though .50 a minute is acceptable to you, it is important to know that you don't get paid when you are not on the phone. If your phone reading only lasts for 15 minutes, then that is all you get paid for. Today, astrology websites are bombarded by other psychics that need work as well. You will have to share the space with them. This means that you will receive less phone calls. On certain days, you will see only a couple of phone calls coming through even though the psychic line is earning millions of dollars. It is not uncommon to have over 100 spiritual advisers on one website.

It is not every day that this will happen. However, the media can be very powerful and a lot of spiritual advisers want to earn top dollar for their readings. Learn to ask yourself what the power of your advice is all about. Are you better at giving love advice or financial? Finding these things out early in the game will help you to advertise yourself best. The average reading lasts for around 15 to 30 minutes.

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