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Astrology: Trusting Years Of Spiritual Intelligence

By Kitty Samuels

Many people don't know how to classify astrology. Some people say that it is a religion and others say that it's a science. Many people that practice astrology say that it is highly accurate and has been for over 10,000 years. It is hard to believe that an astrology practice has been around for centuries. This art goes back to the days of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Astrologers were always known to gaze into the stars and produce miracles with it. A prophets interpretations are often correct. Great prophets like Nostradamus studied astrology and often gave psychic readings to kings and those in powerful leadership positions.

Astrology charts are said to answer questions such as: Who should I marry? Am I supposed to be with someone else? What kind of job should I get? Should I go back to school? These questions and many others are asked by clients seeking astrology advice. You may find that astrology is an interesting art because it gives you exact details based upon your date of birth and the time that you were born. You can ask an astrology calendar anything and it will respond back to you with a host of answers.

If you are not an astrologer, you are probably wondering how someone can make such starting predictions and have they come to pass. It is always amazing to watch an astrologer at work. They often tell us what they are seeing and we get a glimpse of them in our minds. It is always amazing to watch an astrologer mapping out your chart. They often ask you to participate because it helps them to learn more about you as well. If you don't have the money to pay for a professional psychic reading, then its best to use astrology software.

Ask yourself why it matters to have an astrology chart. Many people have different reasons. For some, it is the curiosity to see if the astrology chart is right. For others, it is a religion that is practiced and must be obtained for spiritual wholeness and happiness. No matter how you slice the cake, you can easily find an answer at the end of the tunnel. Many astrologers say that it is actually psychic of you to do this on your own. You will grow in your psychic gifts if you take the time to put all of the pieces to the puzzle together.

As you walk on your journey, you will find answers. You will find everything that you are looking for. This is a big blessing because a lot of people are depending on you to lead the way. You are a leader around those that are curious about the same kind of charts. Let others know what you are doing and try to form your own astrology group. You may find that people who join are able to share their ideas with you as well.

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