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Jesus And The Prophetic Movement

By Francis Arlons

Jesus Christ is, as the Bible says all the time, the son of God and the savior of Man. He had lived a short life, but through that life span he had inspired many with his healing powers. His powerful words and his glimmering light are meaningful. Although he had to bear the sins of the people to die on Earth and rise to the Heavens, people still believe in him strongly with unprecedented faith. But is that all? Is there more to this than just dying and rising? Is there more to the truth about Jesus Christ?

Many people are beginning to link real life with the supposed happenings of the Bible to pinpoint exactly where Jesus Christ may have been and what he has been. Most people find many contradictions such as the birth from his mother, Mary, who has different accounts from not just the Bible but also from Quran. They also find that Jesus' ventures as a miracle man are disputable considering the attitudes of the people of the time.

Also, Jesus heals the sick to show his disciples his principles to them. He is showing them what they should all do as they go on their journeys spreading the word of his Father. He also heals the sick to show people God loves them too. He wouldn't just do it for his own love; God has feelings for the world as well. Another reason Jesus heals the sick is to honor God. He was bestowed with the abilities of a Lord so he's showing his father that he's using his gift for the greater good of humanity.

He is also healing the sick to fight the Devil. The Devil, who's only goal is to wreck humanity, tries his best to sicken the people to gain his needs but Jesus counters that with his ability. This lets people see that he is not afraid of the Devil and he professes that people should not believe in the Devil for the Devil only wants things for his personal gain.

Many even dare to say Jesus is a myth. As mentioned previously, Jesus may have been used as a metaphor. Now, there is a conviction in some people that Jesus is only a myth. But it's still hard to conclude with that because there is still no evidence of that. The world is still trying to investigate and gather proof that Jesus exists. Some also link the inconsistencies of the happenings of Jesus which make it very clear it's really just a spiritual guide as mentioned before. Some events, while very minor and non-critical, truly illustrate something about the accuracy of the Bible. The truth about Jesus Christ is a fuzzy road. No one can truly prove the truth of Jesus Christ since it's still ongoing. But for the many who believe (if that also includes you), have to believe in whatever truth you have about Jesus Christ.

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