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My Dream: It Seemed So Real To Life

By Minnie Sanders

We often dream about something that makes absolutely no sense to us. We often are living in a fantasy world when we see something and then wake up. Our mind is captured in a moment that we believe is real. We wake up with our heart pounding and our mind racing. We may have dreamt that we lost our job or that we got sick. When we wake up, we realize that it was all just a dream. Many cultures and societies don't believe that it's "just a dream". In fact, most cultures say that it is the spiritual world trying to tell you something.

Students often dream about failing or passing a test. Having a dream can be scary for most people. It is mainly due to the fact that we often don't know the true meaning behind it. Spirits often try to communicate with us using dreams. People often wonder, "Why don't they just tell me in my own language what they want to say." However, the spirit world does not work like that. They simply give us symbols about things that may be happening in the world that we live in.

A dream is a lot like a dog. We never know what our pets are really thinking. However, we can tell if they are happy or sad by their actions. When they run up to us and give us a happy dance, they tell us that they missed us. They communicate love on various levels. Some people say that they are in a situation in which they understand what is going on in their life. At other times, they have no idea what is happening. It is important to look at your life and feel a certain sense of peace when something gets resolved.

If you feel that your dream has no meaning, then it's still a good idea to write it down. People find that when they write their dreams down and look at it later on, they can relate to the dream itself. It is a good idea to try and interpret a dream because it does have a significant meaning for your life. Dreams offer good ideas and they often tell us about something that may be happening in our lives that we are not aware of. Try to focus on the dream itself and come up with some ideas to its meaning. Take your ideas to a clairvoyant that can give you their interpretation. Together, you can figure this dream out.

Dreams are clearly an interest to people. When we dream, we learn more about ourselves and the universe that we live in. I think that a powerful dream tells us something amazing about ourselves. We may not always know the meaning behind the dream, but we can easily see that it has something specific for our lives. In time, I believe that people will come to understand why we dream more. We are living in a scientific time where dreams are being researched.

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