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Psychics Do Haunted House Investigations

By Pets Knots

Just when you thought that things couldn't get any scarier, something happens. It is a mistake for people to think of haunted houses as being something that cannot be trusted. You must look at haunted houses as being something that is unique and often puzzling. Many people ask themselves how a house gets haunted to begin with. For starters, entities roam around these places and people are often shocked to find out that these haunted houses were once calm places to live.

Often, people die in a home unexpectedly through murder, sudden death or illness. When they die unexpectedly, their spirit refuses to leave the home. Haunted house investigators often try to figure out why these ghosts don't want to leave. Is there anything that can be done to help them? Are spirits really trapped in these homes with nowhere else to go? This is a question that a lot of people are asking themselves these days. When it comes to haunted house investigations, people are often afraid to talk about it.

Moundsville Prison in West Virginia is one of the most haunted places in USA. A large number of paranormal investigators often visit the place where most of Native Americans were buried. Though prison is closed, many former inmates and prison staff have seen a man moving around the prison compound. The guards have even reported about phantoms and strange noises, sounds and voices in the premises. Union Cemetery in Connecticut is one of the most haunted cemeteries where people have often seen orbs and mists captured on their camera. Photographs and videos of "White Lady" spirit have surprised many who do not actually see her but lens has captured her movements.

Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel is another hotel that is visited by spirit of a mobster and a lady. The hotel elevator often seems strange things happening with the power going off, auto-open and auto-close of doors and strange sounds on the floor where Fatty Walsh, the mobster was killed while gambling. The lady in white often visits the rooms of visitors. The Stickney House located in Bull Valley, Illinois was used by Stickney couple for spiritualism where they spoke with dead children quite often. The police staff housed here have often heard strange noises, self-movement of things, blink of lights and auto-operation of doors and windows.

Haunted houses are in almost every state of the world. Most people say that a haunted house is worth investigating because it gives us some hard truths. We can literally see and understand what is happening inside of a home when all of this takes place. Take your time when it comes to understanding the spiritual world of things. Everything happens for a reason.

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