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The Mental State Of Every Psychic Reader

By Ming Chi Lin

Many people today point the finger at psychics and say, "You are a bunch of evil witches!" This is unfair to put all psychics into one category. For starters, most psychics today don't use spiritual tools in order to give a psychic reading. Most use their inner sixth sense to predict the past, present and future. It is no different than a prophet would do it for a main stream religion. What do you think about psychics and do you believe that foretelling the future is associated with the devil?

The power to know the future has been on the minds of people for thousands of years. In the past, kings used astrologers to foresee the future. Before the 18th century, most people used prophets and astrologers to see the future. Often, whatever the seer said was a decision that a king would often rule by. Can man really see into the past present and future? If he/she can, then why is it looked upon as being evil?

Take every moment of the day and try not to judge another person. Just because you can see into the future does not make you evil or wicked. This practice has been going on for thousands of years. Many people believe that the US government was involved in mind reading at one point. It was often referred to as project blue gate. Whether or not you believe this is up to you. The former Soviet Union was said to use psychics to spy on its enemies. When you use psychics to your own benefit, they actually become useful for you.

At times, psychics are labeled as being associated with witchcraft. Today, being technical is king. Most psychics don't know what magic is or how to cast a spell. Many clairvoyants use only their sixth sense and nothing more. They don't use spiritual tools like tarot cards or runes. Instead, they see most of their information through their mind and tell others what they are seeing. Many psychics are extremely accurate. If a psychic reading helps you, is that evil?

If you have never spoken to a psychic reader before, it might be a good time to speak to one. It will allow your fears to go away and you won't feel negative towards spiritual advisers anymore. Once you realize that an adviser is reading people because it is there calling, you will come to good understanding of who they are. In reality, you will understand that most psychics feel that they have been called to help people from as young as 5 years old.

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