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Why Is It So Hard To Tithe?

By Michael Paul

Many religions teach that a person should give 10% of their wealth to the church. Is this ancient practice still worth following today? According to millions of clergy worldwide, it is necessary to tithe because God will protect and watch over your finances if you do. People that do not tithe are said to have no protection over their finances. Howe do we tithe if we have lots of bills to pay and very little money coming in? It can be devastating for many families to go through having no money coming in. Tithing is supposed to not allow that to happen to you.

Most men and women that tithe are not wealthy. Many are living paycheck to paycheck. However, a person that tithes is often rich in faith. When you are doubting your faith, it is important to tithe. You may be surprised to find out that God actually does exist and gives you money when you cannot have any money using your own efforts. It is important to ask yourself how tithing works for you. Ask yourself why you want to tithe. If tithing is something that you are already doing, then ask yourself how it has helped you in life. Life is often complex and gives us a whole set of rules for living. I think that life has many ups and downs. We often fear tithing because we don't think that we will have enough money.

Giving 10% of your money to God is actually a commitment. It builds faith and character. When you tithe, a spiritual protection starts to go over you. You begin to see protection overflowing in your life. You may think that you are about to lose your job and then all of a sudden you get a raise. God can move upon the hearts of your employer and make them see a value in keeping you. It is important to always be honest with God. If you fear tithing, it is okay. Most people fear giving 10% of their money to the church each month. God will put you through a series of tests in order to see if you are willing to give your 10% even though you are under great financial pressure.

Satan is the deceiver of this world. His will is to make you think that God doesn't love you or care for your needs. He is the master of having your life turned upside down. Most people that have financial difficulties blame God and often say that he doesn't provide enough for them. However, this is not true. The Bible says that God knows our needs and provides for us at his own will. God gives to us what he believes we need. God always shows us that there is something that we are failing to see. The Lord always shows us that there are new beginnings happening on a weekly basis.

Does protecting your finances mean that you are going to get rich from tithing? In actuality, it doesn't meant that you will be rich. In fact, most people that tithe live pay check to paycheck. It does however allow you to see that even when you have nothing left or a little bit of money, God still makes a way for you to survive. In today's age, many people are jobless and have little money coming in. It is amazing that people don't tithe. You have no spiritual protection over you from Satan completely destroying your finances. In my opinion, it is better to tithe and believe in the Bible. The Bible says that God will never abandon you.

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