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Fashion Photography Pointers, From Estelle's

By Katie Onson

Fashion photography is one of the most interesting artistic endeavors to get involved in, but there are those who made careers out of it as well. In order for this to be done, though, there is a high level of work ethic that must be seen. Not only must you be willing to put in the necessary hours, but learning will be essential as well. By following these tips, courtesy of Estelle's, you'll have an easier time in this particular field.

Fashion photography can be done in many ways, but an understanding of various attires is nothing short of important. Let's say that you're looking to specialize in women's fashion, more than anything else. Perhaps you'd like to read up on wedding or sweet 16 dresses, seeing as how the styles they come in can change with the times. By staying current, you will be able to expand your skill in the ever-expanding field of photography.

Facial expressions should be recognized in the field of fashion photography, too. Keep in mind that models can wear a number of outfits; this doesn't necessarily mean that they will be effective models. As a photographer, it's important to instruct them on different facial expressions, which will allow for better stories to be told. Without these, it's possible that you will not be able to take the kinds of pictures that you have in mind.

Finally, make it a point to try out different types of lighting, in order to achieve unique results. Even though you might think a particular shot would look with more lighting, you'll probably discover that a more subdued option will work just as well, if not more so. This is dependent on the type of shot you're taking in, though. What this means is that you should experiment, playing around with your settings until you find the best results.

Anyone who has taken part in fashion photography can tell you that there is work involved. This doesn't have to be a terribly painstaking endeavor, though, as long as you can follow points such as these. You will be able to learn more about unique attires, especially how they can be showcased through the photos you'll take. In due time, you'll become a better fashion photographer, which will allow you to develop presences across numerous publications.

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