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Prayer For Healing Gives Hope To Countless People

By Mary Carter

It's easy to have faith in your god when you enjoy good health and no complications in life. The hard part is staying true to your faith when you or your loved one is struck down by a disease or physical ailment which hinders the quality of life. For anyone in this situation, prayer for healing is the ultimate solution, as it combines faith with eternal hope and the knowledge that you will be granted relief from your trials.

No matter what faith you belong to, there is always some reference to the fact that God helps those who ask for goodness and health in their lives. There is an immeasurable power in prayer that people from different religions all experience, and this power is transferred to all those who witness it. People feel more rejuvenated when they realize that it's not just the medicine, but also the prayer that helps them to survive this illness and attain their previous level of health.

Remember that God is not punishing you for your sins or your attitude. Your illness could be a design of God's to seek his mercy and attain a higher level of spiritual connection with him. This connection can never be attained through the general prayer of the one who expects his daily life to continue as normal. Rather, it is the individual who is unwell that understands how important prayer can be for healing.

People realize after some point in their illness that they need to first put their spiritual life in order before they can focus on their illness. When they reach a stage where they are happy with their connection to God, then only do they focus on their health. This strong bond with God is what saved many people from giving up.

There is no greater peace than the peace that comes from pouring out your heart to God and knowing in your heart that he listened to your plea. If you have faith that he will listen to your prayers and grant you good health and a cure from your illness, then it doesn't matter what your prognosis says. Miracles are always more powerful than anything that can be done by a doctor's hand.

People have spoken about miracles that happen when you pray for health. Some hospitals report that they are stunned when they see people on the verge of death suddenly start to walk outside and run. These are nothing less than the actions brought about from faith in the power of prayer.

Make sure that you have a solid belief in the prayer of the ill. These prayers are always answered by God. Your faith will overcome any obstacles that are in your way.

Only you can help yourself by praying sincerely. Turn to God and find salvation in his infinite mercy, and you will soon be cured. There is no bigger miracle than faith.

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