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The Basics Of Understanding A Theta Healing Practitioner

By Dennis Morris

A woman named Vianna Stibal became prominent in 1995 when she was said to have healed a tumor in her leg due to an activity called the Theta Healing technique. She is a naturopath which means she practices various natural remedies or healings to cure patients. The technique is said to be a meditation and spiritual philosophy with an aim to bring closer to the Creator. However, there is no certain religion to support the claim.

The practices utilizes the body, the mind, and the spirit with the reason to cut beliefs and look at life the best way there is. Now let us discover more about the Theta Healing practitioner and its brief explanation. The explanation behind this is vague for it is more on spirituality so one has to be very keen in taking part of the activity for some may not agree with everything.

The Creator is one of its always repeated topics. The reference for this is not exactly clear if God symbolizes this one but for them, Creator binds all existing beings. To work with the Creator is harmonized through prayer as well.

The word, Theta, comes from brain waves. They are patterns of brain activity in every cycle. Theta is one category of brain waves and it refers to inactivity, drowsiness, and inhibition in response to stimuli. In other words, the healing aims to awaken the brain wave.

DNA activation has been talked about as well. It wants to awaken the DNA in full force. The 3 ways to actually activate them are the Earth Schumann waves, anyone, and group conscience. When they finally get activated, one can withstand environmental poisons that man has created. Same response happens by awakening the psychic abilities of a person.

Alone, one can just perform the procedure. He or she must attend seminars until one can reach the final seminar. Another significant thing to ponder is that one must be doing this with the right person whom he or she is comfy with. Getting to know the practitioners with different expertise can help you.

During a seminar, expect different styles. Most of them begin by asking for permission to connect with your energy. In other words, expect tackling about physical or emotional issues. Honesty is required.

The founder, Stibal, received bad criticisms in the long run. She has somehow given an impression that she could fix cancer and of course, that is hard to accept. No critic really mattered to her for she still has a number of believers.

The procedures may work for some people, especially the ones with full commitment if they believe them. The point is to bring the people in their best is enough exercise. There must be an explanation why some agree with her, especially the followers. In life, not all things are possible, few can achieve and few can also fail. Always remember that what is important is that you have tried instead for not doing anything at all. They may all seem cliche to hear but they are still true.

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