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The Foursquare Churches In Las Vegas

By Helen Roberts

The name International Church of the Foursquare Gospel is the full version of the often shortened name, Foursquare Church. The name is used in its short form, ICFG. It was established in 1923 by some preacher and evangelist called Semple McPherson. McPherson based their entire ministry in Los Angeles. On the global stage, ICFG has a total of some 8 million followers. The number of churches under its named exceed sixty thousand while the number of countries it is located also exceed 144.

In the United States, the approximate number of members surpassed 353, 995 people. Their distribution is fairly even but the West Coast has more churches than other regions. Members are mostly located in the states of Montana, Oregon, Hawaii, California, and Washington. As such, when one is in search of Foursquare churches in Las Vegas, they should have an easy time locating several branches because they are many.

The headquarters of the church is in Los Angeles in the state of California. The headquarters has been in that city for quite some time now. The name Foursquare derives from the four-fold ministry of Jesus. The four pillars of the ministry of Jesus Christ are Jesus as the Soon-coming King, Healer, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and the Savior.

The compilation named the Declaration of Faith contains an expression of ICFG beliefs. The Declaration of Faith was written by McPherson. Creedal statement is also available go complement the major compilation. The two offer instructions and guidance for the congregation and leaders to follow. The ICFG belief system bases on the verbal inspiration of Bible, doctrine of Holy Trinity, and deity of Jesus.

In this denomination, it is believed that God created man in His likeness, but because of the Fall, man became sinful. However, the death of Jesus atoned for all sins man committed. People who repent sins, accept Jesus and become reborn again have their faith confirmed. Backsliding and commitment of sin after salvation is believed to be totally possible.

The topmost decision making body within the ICFG is the Foursquare Convention. The convention meets after every two years to vote members into office. Members who vote are usually international officers and licensed ministers. Every ICFG church within the US has the right to send a voting delegate to the convention. Similarly, national ICFG churches can also send a single voting delegate.

The church of ICFG is under the management of a 12 to 20-person board of directors. This board appoints officers within the church. Similarly, ministers are ordained and licensed by the board. The president, the vice president, and nine ministers at the least form the board. Church members cay also work on the board if they are appointed to do so.

Districts, individual churches, and divisions are the major subdivisions in which the United States church is divided. The various divisions are overseen by different leaders. This management structure is quite comprehensive.

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