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What To Expect When You Visit Episcopal Christian Churches In Las Vegas

By Sharon Cooper

Attending church services is respected by many people. At times, you might attend a different church. Visiting a new church may feel a bit odd and nerve-racking. It is good to be able to relax and feel at home whenever you visit an Anglican church. Here are some of the things you need to bear in mind as you attend Episcopal Christian churches in Las Vegas

Coming, settling down and being prepared for the service. Arriving in time is important. You will meet ushers who will receive you and provide you with service bulletins. The programs will direct you as the service continues. The ushers will show you where to sit, but you can decide on where you would like to sit. In addition to bulletins, song books will also be provided for you in racks near every chair. Additional song manuscript will also be provided. Before the start of the service, some songs will be sung.

Statements of faith, community prayers, readings and sermons, words are read from the new and the old testaments as well as from the Gospels. Members of the Assembly read the first two readings. After that, the church members sing a sacred song. These psalms are written in the program booklets. The priest after that preaches the gospel sermon. After the sermon, the church members rise and utter the prayers and the Nicene Creed.

A collection of offerings, as the gifts are being assembled, songs are either sung or played. People give their offerings to help the poor and to adore God. The amount to be given is not designated. Again it is not a must that you offer since some people may never have anything to present. All the money collected, bread and wine are subsequently brought to the table. The liturgists then prepare the spiritual union table.

Eucharistic prayers, people are supposed to stand at the beginning of this prayer. The preacher will offer a long prayer. It then concludes with the Sanctus. After the Sanctus, you can choose to continue standing or kneel. The whole assembly then sings holy, holy, holy. The whole congregation then prays the Lords Prayer. The preacher breaks the bread and invites everyone for the meal after that.

The assembly moves forward to receive the Holy Communion. You can choose to remain standing or go on your knees as you wish. Nevertheless, you will be reminded what to do by the ushers. The communion is meant for only those who have undergone baptism. But it is not a must to take it. You can either remain seated or move frontward. The priest will, however, bless those who will not take part.

Appreciations and being set free, when the communion is over the entire congregation stands on their feet and utter a prayer in the bulletin. The clergy requests almighty father to bless each one. As the liturgists match out, the final hymn is sung by the audience. Either the clergyman or the cleric sets the congregation by giving them the responsibility to preach to the world.

Places of worship are never the same. Nonetheless, most of the Episcopal churches use the above service order. For that reason, it is imperative to learn the order of the church service before visiting any church. This will prevent you from being uncomfortable without need.

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