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Substance Abuse Counselor Facilitates Addiction Liberation

By Nancy Collins

Anyone who is deeply addicted can be set free from the addicting substance. Addictions have been there since time immemorial but there are documented cases of people who were liberated from drugs. Behind every success story, there is a competent, diligent, patient, and committed substance abuse counselor. Liberation does not happen overnight neither is it a DIY affair. An experienced professional has to be involved. New Jersey has many counselors. Those who have specialized in dealing with addictions are the ones who will deliver the best results.

It is easy to lose hope, especially when at the worst level of addiction. However, the darkest hour, usually comes just before dawn. Just when it seems that the war has been lost, there is still an opportunity for victory. It is never over until it is over. A person should fight until there remains no fighting chance. The experts can still correct even the direst substance addiction circumstance. Recovery is possible so long as one makes a conscious decision that he wants to quit.

Addiction is not a sign of moral or mental weakness, because anyone can be addicted. There are many types of addictions and they are all bad. There is nothing like a better or worse addiction. Someone who has dependence on food or sex is just as worse as a person who has to inject himself cocaine, on a daily basis. The point of convergence of all addictions is that they ruin lives. They reduce the quality of life and make people to lose precious life opportunities. Family members should not spend their time criticizing an addict. The best thing to do is to advice a person and seek for him, much needed professional assistance. It is a caring and compassionate attitude that will pull an addict out of his dangerous habit.

Drugs are simply dangerous. There is no middle ground. They have caused death, financial ruin and the destruction of families. Fleeing from drugs will facilitate a life of happiness. The stresses that substances cause far exceed their temporal excitement. That injection of cocaine, may offer some short time pleasure. However, there will be long time consequences. For those who are deep into drugs, there is a way to avoid future consequences. It involves seeking speedy counseling.

There are those who are the opinion that alcohol is drunk for fun. However, there is a thin line between entertainment and addiction and when the line is crossed, necessary help is required. Alcohol indulgence once in a while is not addiction. Being addicted is a situation where one is totally dependent and has to imbibe so as to perform basic tasks.

There are severe cases of addiction that always frighten the people, close to the addict. Even an addiction that has gotten worse and dangerous, can still be stopped, if a top-notch counselor is involved. There is nothing like a hard addiction to conquer. What is required is professional assistance.

Addiction encroaches slowly and destroys progressively. In the beginning, it is just normal fun but at the end, tragedy awaits. The good news is that tragedy can be averted by addiction treatment offered by a counselor. Once the mind is transformed, the body will follow suit and one will attain liberation. Counseling is about reprogramming the mind away from addiction.

An addiction free life is very rewarding. Everyone deserves this kind of life. It is a life of great relationships and financial stability.

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