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The One Piece Of Advice That Changed My Life

By Evan Sanders

In my last season of baseball, I spent a great deal of summer days down at USC learning from a famous pitching coaching named Tom House.

What made Tom House definitely wasn't his baseball career as a MLB pitcher, but rather the fact that he was the pitching coach of the most famous pitcher of all time. Nolan Ryan.

On a very hot day while throwing a bullpen together, Tom imparted some brilliant advice onto me.

"Evan. 10% of the time you are going to be amazing, 10% of the time you are going to suck worse than imaginable, and 80% of the time you are going to be just average. Champions are made in that 80%."

Absolutely amazing. Not complicated, but still amazing.

For some, that may seem like an unfortunate realization to come by. But there's a secret to all of this.

If you wake up feeling average 80% of the days you go into this life, you get to make the decision to become something great or to fall down and be average or even worse.

You get the choice of either rising to the challenge or sinking back down into the depths. You get to make the decision to do the hard work and grind through it all or give up completely. But that decision is completely up to you and on you to make.

While this may seem like a small decision to make, it is truly one of the most fundamental choices you can make.

Most of the time no one will ever witness the decisions you make during the day. However champions always have a fire inside of them that keeps them moving forward.

That's the game of life.

You are the one who knows how much effort you are giving.

The only way you can shape your life and become something entirely different than what you were before is to make completely different decisions than the ones you were making before. It's that simple.

So if you want to make it to the end of your life knowing that you gave it your all, then you have to truly go for it.

And I'll be damned if I let the latter option happen in my life.

So decide that you are going to make the most of those 80% days and become a champion. Have the best year of your life.

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