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The Real Story About Theta Healing Practitioner

By Donald Butler

The power of the subconscious mind is incredible. Our mind is capable of healing our bodies without the intervention of modern medicine. The power of belief combined with spirituality has the real ability to work wonders on the restoration of the health and wellness of folks. These tenets form the fundamental principles defining the world popular technique used by a Theta healing practitioner.

The procedure was inspired by Vianna Stibbai, who hails from Idaho Falls in the U. S. A. This lady was born with an unusual spiritual gift of being able to connect with the Creator. She would later come to be a world renowned leader who would go ahead and change the lives of many millions of people, worldwide. It all starts when in 1995 she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, and her oncologists told her that her cancer would kill her in a few months.

Before her cancer diagnosis, Vianna Stibal used to be a woman of great faith, and she earned her living as a naturopath. People with all sorts of ailments and health concerns would come to her and have their readings done. To do so, she made use of her intuition to connect on a higher and a deeper level with the Creator.

After the man had got cured, Vianna Stibbai decided to communicate with the Creator with the hope she would get healed from lymphatic cancer. Everyone around her was then surprised to see her leg immediately start to show signs of healing. Where it had once shrunk by three inches owing to cancer, it now started growing again and eventually she was totally cured of cancer.

The story of her cure spread like wildfire and she instantly becomes an overnight celebrity. In no time, she started touring various nations across the globe. She traveled far and wide teaching individuals her technique. Holding seminars and conferences to talk to multitudes of crowds about how they too could use the brain waves to cure and strengthen their minds, bodies, and souls.

The technique she helped inspire has aided millions of people across the world today. The doubters and some jealous individuals have even started referring to it as being the occult and calling it a con game.

Scientists and medical experts have looked into the practice and found out that it works wonders to the mind, body and soul. The technique is now used to heal medical conditions like stress and depression, anxiety, chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Cancer and even HIV causing AIDS.

There are courses on offer for individuals interested in learning the necessary skills to transform them into Theta healers. The courses were drafted by the founder, Vianna Stibbai. A graduate healer is capable of helping any person suffering from a short concentration span, poor memory, and low intelligence among much more other adverse medical conditions.

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