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Tips To Treat Prescription Drug Abuse

By Anthony Myers

Use of hard or illegal substances is not the only way one is labeled a drug abuser. Prescription drug abuse New Jersey ranks alongside the hard substances and is affecting an increasing number of ordinary people. Some of these cases are out of ignorance and at the same time, with little awareness. As more people get into the bracket of abusers, there is need to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand.

Misuse of prescription drugs is ascertained any time you are on medication without professional instructions. This includes taking drugs that were prescribed but in a manner and format that was not. Other people recall the drugs whenever they get similar symptoms. Self medication through the internet is also taking over leading to dangerous medical exposure. As situations change, prescriptions are altered, which can only be done by a professional.

Statistics have singled out three main categories of drugs that are abused. Pain relieving Opioids top the list as people seek quick solutions. They are followed by depressants used for the central nervous system. They treat sleep disorder and anxiety, among other conditions. Many other people are misusing stimulants when looking for a solution to attention deficit and sleep disorder.

Misuse of prescribed drugs also happens when a person is under medication. Doctors give clear instructions on dosage. Failure to observe this dosage by either taking more or less is regarded as misuse. Taking the drugs for any reason other than what is prescribed is also considered abuse. A pharmacist can voice concern in case your medication form has alterations or you are seeking a refill sooner than expected.

Medical experts insist that prescriptions must be followed at all times. This means that dosage should not be increased or reduced without instructions from your doctor. For whatever reason, never stop taking any medication on your own. Crushing or splitting drugs also counts as misuse. Inquire fully the effect the drugs will have on your daily activities like driving.

Communication with your doctor will reduce the chances of abusing drugs. Some of the disclosures you should make regard past incidence of substance abuse or the fact that you are taking OTC drugs. There are substances that will affect the effectiveness of prescribed drugs. Mixing drugs with alcohol and other substances also raises an issue. With proper communication, the right medication will be given. Never give your prescribed drugs to a third party.

Any form or extent of abuse has consequences. They include development of resistance and the risk of becoming an addict. These conditions are difficult and expensive to correct. Wrong dosage precipitates intoxication as the substances are not available in the body in the right quantities. You also risk developing allergies and health conditions depending on substance and extent of abuse.

It is possible to reverse the effects of abusing prescription drugs. You must be committed to change by first recognizing the mistake. Inform your doctor of this wrong doing and begin to correct the situation. Success takes time with personal commitment to change playing a crucial role. Behavior therapy will also enable you to drop these undesirable actions. Of paramount importance is to consult a doctor every time you feel unwell and follow the instructions given on medication.

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