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Hockey Masks In Field Hockey

By Lucifer Guson

For some strange reason, people often presume that hockey mask are designed for use through the entire game of field hockey. That may be the case with ice hockey but not field hockey. Players face mask are designed to provide added safety if guarding in penalty corners. That's the only occasion the hockey mask should be made use of, through the penalty corner or penalty stroke alone. The hockey mask seriously isn't designed to be used during the entire game.

There is, as with most matters, the odd health-related exemption. Occasionally people can be permitted to use the Hockey Masks or goggles or perhaps a head covering during the entire match. However these situations must be evaluated by the suitable authority. Additionally, if you believe you have a personal injury or even medical condition that genuinely demands the use of a face mask for the whole game, you might need to question if you should be playing the match anyway.

But that's the exceptions. In normal game playing, mask are simply designed for guarding penalty shots. Some authorities still find it needed to emphasize to players that using a face mask does not allow for dangerous game play. You can't play up to the indestructible feeling that typically develops when wearing such protective gear.

To try to help to make safety products a bit more interesting, hockey mask now are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. Typically the hockey mask are transparent because that increases the range of vision. However simple colour, hued transparent mask plus solid coloured hockey mask are standard. The masks employ impact-resistant plastic as well as high density foam to increase padding comfort as well as add further protection.

All of the major hockey brands have their own design of face masks available. Most of these are different in form, style and measurement, yet they all offer substantial levels of protection. A lot of masks will be one size only. And this is typically a senior size. But some, such as the grays masks , give you a junior and senior design. Certain hockey mask may also be designed with a more roomy eye section which may be favoured by participants that wear spectacles.

Regardless of the style you prefer with regards to the masks, proper protection plays the main aspect. Do not select a mask simply because you like the colour or the manufacturer who created it. Pick one because it fits well and provides a sufficient amount of security to keep you safe on the pitch! Everyone knows how quickly those hockey balls may travel, especially during a penalty corner!

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