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People Helping People Is Great

By Eric Barnes

Whenever a person is faced with a problem they will usually turn to another human being in order to talk things out. People helping people is quite common in most parts of the world and this is something that continues to go on strong. Every individual must try to cope with money, love and happiness as they go through life and sometimes these three things can be very complicated.

Human beings who are placed by themselves for long periods of time will more than likely go stir crazy since they need the comfort and companionship of others. There is a very wise young lady who is very altruistic and she is never depressed or bored while going through life. She had always had an interest in being around older humans even during her teenage years. It was also fortunate that she could be around children while teaching at the local school.

She would then drive for about one hour before reaching a nursing home facility which was located on the other side of town. Once arriving at this place the woman would take her belongings inside of this building. She made sure to keep her bibles on top of this book pile since they were considered to be very important.

One lively gentleman living at this location would help her carry all of these valuable books into the facility. The lead nurse would then take her into the main parlor while the other staff members would gather up every patient living there. For the first hour of the evening this lucky lady had the pleasure of holding a church meeting for all of these older individuals.

Every person involved in this particular event had so much fun singing and praying with one another. The true spirit of the Lord was now within this place. The older human beings seemed more relaxed when they were able to tell all of their problems to this wonderful woman.

Luckily the nurses and other staff members were there to assist the women who became very happy during the sermon. It was also fortunate that no one within the group fainted or had any other type of trauma. Every individual thought that this woman was truly an angel who was working for God. She was very beautiful and did not have a huge ego.

Each week after the church session was over the group looked forward to hearing about the tales which were kept within the many books on hand. Tonight they were going to listen to the story about "Moby Dick" and all of the chaos that he caused for one stern sea captain. They were also delighted to hear about the people who were within the pages of "A Tale of Two Cities."

It was quite a comfortable scene within this grand nursing home facility and every person seemed to be at peace. The young teacher knew that this was her mission in life and she would try her best to always come to this location for years to come. After the program ended she said goodnight.

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