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There Are People Helping People Everywhere

By James Bell

There are so many individuals living within the United States and other parts of the world who are very interested in giving other human beings a hand. This is why people helping people is an essential part of God's perfect plan to keep the world in harmony. At times it seems as though this task is quite fruitless when it comes to reaching out to some unique individuals who cannot get their life in order.

Every person living within the New Haven city limits have heard about Connie Walden and her very disturbed daughter. Connie was fortunate to have a good husband named Bob who was always there to assist her in every possible way and this was really great. The older couple also loved to feed and care for felines who would wander into their yard.

Luckily Connie had enough good human beings within her family to make up for the unique ones. She had to keep an eye out for her daughter named Victoria. This was one young lady who spent most of her short life going in and out of buildings which were inhabited by crazy humans.

This girl is named Victoria and she is the type of person who could not resist the charms of any male who came around. She married at a very young age and found it quite difficult to live in a house with only one male partner. Victoria would sneak out of her house during the night hours to visit the most trashy bars and social clubs she could find.

Good and horrible looking males would frequent these places and they wanted to do every dirty sex act with Victoria and she was willing to help them out. The man who was married to Victoria did not notice the change in his wife until it was too late. He quickly left her and married someone else.

When everything was settled this strange erotic woman found herself being mysteriously drawn to her ex-spouse and this was not good at all. He did not want the woman anymore and told his mother to stay far away from her. Unfortunately she had a bad habit of showing up at the older woman's job from time to time. The law officers told Victoria to stop this behavior and she refused to listen to them. They finally arrested the young woman for stalking.

Once she was held within the county jail things got even worse for her and the entire law team. This woman soiled her clothes and was being very uncooperative in every possible way. The law group had to call the mental hospital immediately and she was then taken away. Once inside the mental building the individuals on staff quickly notified her family members about this dire situation.

This child was very precious to Connie and she did her best to go and rescue her from the mental institution. Every one at the place was very happy to see Victoria leave and they wished her all the best. In time Connie was able to help her daughter overcome all of her issues.

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