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3 Patterns That Go With Fall Fashion

By Katie Onson

Fall fashion is all the rage now, but you have to understand that some patterns won't bode well this time of year. Any fashion specialist will be able to agree, which is why it's worth going over some of the best fall fashion patterns that will accentuate your form. They will also show others that you know a thing or two about style. Here are just 3 of the patterns in question that you should think about sporting more often.

Plaid - Flannel is practically part and parcel of fall fashion, so it's no surprise that plaid would be prevalent. This is one of the old-school designs that has transcended times. Not only is this an easy pattern on the eyes, but it gives off a very outdoorsman-like feel, as if you're ready to head out and work with your hands. It's a great pattern, without question, but there are others that you should be mindful of you are.

Stripes - Even though stripes are basic from a visual standpoint, they are effective for getting the most out of fall fashion. For example, did you know that vertical stripes can help a person look thinner? This is a common visual trick, without question, but the fact that it works to this day speaks volumes about its effectiveness. You might think stripes are simple, but it's the simplest looks that tend to leave positive impacts.

Floral - You can see floral prints across different articles of clothing. Blouses and sweet 16 dresses are just a few of the options that can feature floral patterns, allowing them to stand out. They are usually accompanied by softer colors, but it's not unfathomable for them to feature deeper hues that tend to be more eye-catching. It's simply a matter of how well the colors work together, as companies like Estelle's Dressy Dresses can attest.

When it comes to the patterns to wear during the fall season, these are among the most popular. One of the most unique aspects of clothing is the diversity that it has to offer. This rings true for the patterns that they feature, which is a topic that the greatest minds in fashion can go into deeper detail about. Not everyone will wear certain patterns with confidence, so be sure to pick what you feel most comfortable in.

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