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Healing And Prayer In Difficult Times Of Life

By Carolyn Reynolds

Ups and downs are part of life, you won't find any two days similar to each other in your life. Sometimes you feel unexpectedly happy and then there are days filled with sorrow and sadness. Its all about how you deal with all the situations and make the use of healing and prayer in difficult times.

There are days when you feel so stressed out and sad that you don't even feel like getting up from your bed. Everything looks dark and you kind of loose hope that anything good would happen ever. No matter how hard the situation is, always remember that God is there to help you, you can pray to him and ask him to give you comfort and take you out of your miserable situation.

Its easy to remember God during happy days when you're sorrow free but when you are dealing with difficult times, you tend to find it hard to ask for help from God as you kind of loose hope. But, if your faith is strong enough, you will not hesitate at all because you would know there is something good for you once this bad time of your life ends.

When you're in a difficult situation, you want it to end soon so that you can resume back with your life. It is important to understand that joy and sorrow goes hand in hand with each other. Your life can't be happy go lucky all the times and also, when you face difficult times you can't just run away from it.

Each individual has his or her own specific manner of managing a specific circumstance. A few people can remain quiet regardless of how crushing the circumstance is, while others begin to frenzy and they get to be worried which influences everything encompassing them.

Its important for you to have faith in yourself and your God because if you do so, no matter how difficult the situation is you would be able to deal with it in a better way. Always remember there are two sides of a coin one could be darker and the other one is bright you just have to wait for the brighter side to appear.

There are people who just complain about everything, they question everything like, whether God actually exists or not and if he exists why does he wants them to be in pain and sorrow. You have to realize that unhappy days are there to test you, to gather how sincere you are with your faith.

Never forget that you are always in God's books and he is there for you even in the most troublesome times of your life when you have no one else besides you. You should simply discover him and request his help whenever you need it. He cannot stand that you stay in trouble or feel sad for long because at the end of the day he loves you more than you can even imagine.

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