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Learn The Tricks In Combating Depression To Stay Healthy

By Sandra Ward

When you do not feel like getting out of bed, grab your laptop, log onto YouTube, and find a comedy video. When you do not feel like being around other people, take a drive to an open field, get out of the car, and just scream. Depression leads to bottled up emotions. Those pent up feelings can drag you down. Give yourself permission to let go of your unexpressed feelings. When you do not feel like doing physical exercise, then exercise your mind. These are just a few ways in combating depression.

The common advice to combat despair is threefold: (1) get out of bed, even when you don't feel like; (2) spend time with people you love, even though you just want to lay down and pull the covers over your head; and (3) exercise, even though you never worked out in a day in your life.

All of us have goals. Some are very large and some are rather small. Dealing with depression makes reaching any goals difficult and that can be depressing in itself. Try making your goals smaller and more readily achievable. Even activities as simple as washing the dishes or cleaning the apartment count. Write these small goals down on paper and then check them off as they are done. You may be surprised at how good even these smaller victories feel.

When you are depressed it seems like some people you know don't want to be around you while others share your pain. Think about that and I'll bet that those who are making themselves scarce are generally happy and positive and those who love to share your misery are just as unhappy as you are. There is a lesson to be had here; depression hates happiness. As best you can, be around only positive, happy people and keep the negative folks far away. When depression doesn't have company it withers and dies.

If your sadness is being caused by your constant judging of your own actions you really need to stop. I can't think of a single human being who has ever been "perfect" in every way. I am certainly not, and I am reasonably sure you aren't either. Part of wisdom is accepting yourself as you are and not punishing yourself because of what you are not. This certainly doesn't mean that you should not try to improve the person you are. It does mean that you must not punish yourself for the stumbles that happen along the way.

There is also thoracic costal breathing too that is breathing using your chest and ribs. You will still place a hand on your abdomen and one on your chest. However, in this case, though your chest should only move and your abdomen should stay still. With both of these, they can be done for 10 minutes, three times a day and slowly increase the length of time you do this and for how many minutes you hold your breath too.

Once you have achieved one of your written goals it is a wonderful idea to reward yourself for the accomplishment. Did you get the dishes washed? Great! Celebrate with an extra 10 minutes sleep tomorrow morning. Is the apartment clean? Even better! Reward yourself with a favorite dish or a movie. What the reward is doesn't matter in the least. By creating a system of achievable goals and rewards you take the focus off sadness and put it on positive things.

You do not have to tackle the condition all at once. In fact, the advice outlined above may only have a slight effect on your mood for a brief period of time. Nevertheless, baby steps are steps in the right direction. It has a way of creeping in and not letting go. It is only with a conscious effort that you can resume a life of normalcy.

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