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The Value Of A Christian Executive Coach

By Lyndon Zerna

People often find that leadership is surprisingly lonely. You and you alone are responsible for having vision, good direction and the ability to execute your plans. You are responsible for waking up motivated each morning. There won't be anyone to tell you where you should be. You will have to set your own deadlines. No one is going to be there to bail you out when troubles arise. Everything is up to you. You can get help in reaching your goals by working with Christian executive coaches.

Running any organization has its challenges. You face ethical questions every day. You are stuck in the tension between responsibility for others and failure. You must press on, take risks and overcome challenges; but, the path is not always clear. Sometimes, the path is full of complicated questions for which there is no "right" answer.

God understands this struggle in our lives. So much so that He instructed us to surround ourselves with wise counsel, for Christian executives, that could be a Christian Executive Coach. The problem is that leaders tend to be pretty good at self-sufficiency. They generally see a road to their desired outcomes and can mobilize the determination and resources to get to it. As a result, the often do not seek out coaching. However, none of us can see our own blind spots effectively.

A good Christian Executive Coach will act as a tremendous mirror for leaders. They will not take over a vision and direction; rather, Christian coaches challenge leaders in the decisions they make to insure that they are in alignment not only with their goals but also with their values.

Moreover, coaches can challenge Christian leaders to move beyond easy choices and simple goals and to push past their objectives and currently capacity to attain larger and more impressive goals and outcomes.

You have access to many different Christian executive coaches. You can connect with them via the web, the phone or through an in-person meeting. It is vital, however, to align yourself with a professional who has a clear understanding of your vision, your goals and your beliefs and who can assist you driving towards these things.

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