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Using A Christian Executive Coach

By Katy Parfait

As a Christian leader, we lead people. We are attempting to execute a vision. People fill in our gaps. Leaders and visionaries are not necessarily good at execution and tactics. As a result, we hire staff to fill those voids. Christian Executive Coaches step into similar voids in our life. Generally, a good coach for us will serve several purposes as we strive to accomplish our leadership objectives.

First, while we are leading our organization, the organization is not the "whole me". We have other aspects of our lives as leaders that matter to us. We have families, spiritual lives, friendships and community relationships that are part of our broader life vision. A primary objective for using a coach is to make sure they are carrying all of those objectives at the same time. Use your coach to make sure you don't forget about the "whole you".

A coach also motivates. Leaders very often lead by themselves. They don't have anyone monitoring what they do.

If a leader is not at the top of his game, the entire organization will suffer and so will the overall vision. It is impossible for anyone to function at 100% at all times. A coach can be a "life alarm", used to challenge, push and steer an individual in the right direction.

Finally, your coach should have the ability to be a wise sounding board for you. Leaders have a million terrific ideas, but not all of them should be tried. Use your coach as a sounding board to help you discern good ideas that are on track with your life goals from ones that are distractions. While no visionary likes to hear it, they all need to; give them permission to say, "that's not a good idea."

Getting a Christian Executive Coach means investing in your success. This is an important safety net. This is the person who will help you stay on track.

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