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The Many Benefits Of Acupuncture To Your Health

By Shirley Bennett

The body experiences pain almost every time especially when one is under so much pressure which likewise causes stress. A popular technique that originated from China is called Acupuncture and this is said to treat a variety of illnesses, including pain and stress. The process involves inserting very thin needles at specific points of the body through the skin.

And even when there is still debate on the way that such procedure works scientifically, numerous individuals still perform and receive the treatment. There is also a great deal of people who believe that Acupuncture San Diego, CA really does great in alleviating pain and headaches. A lot of its other health benefits will be tackled in the paragraphs that will follow.

Headaches and migraines were observed to have improved especially after the patients who experienced such underwent treatment. On a study conducted by professionals, they had people who experience chronic headaches be divided into a group of those who will receive the treatment and those will not. Those who did undergo such were observed to have improved and the intensity and days that they experienced headaches where significantly reduced.

Many have also noted its effect on improving pain in the knee, the back, as well as the neck. Many people who were experiencing these underwent the procedure of acupuncture and there was significant difference in pain between them and those who chose not to receive the treatment. This made some conclude that it may be reasonable for doctors to include acupuncture as a treatment option.

It has also been noted to help people, especially those with insomnia, sleep better. In a study conducted, insomniac patients who were taking medications were noted to have slept better after going through the treatment compared to those who were only taking medications alone. And contrary to the medicines, the process did not have any bad side effects at all.

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy were also noted to have recovered faster after being allowed to receive acupuncture. There was also significant rise in their platelet count as well as prevention of healthy cells from decreasing. Furthermore, the method boosted their immune system which caused to recover faster than usual.

Such has also been said to have reduced the way that the cognitive system declines, for instance, in Parkinsons disease. This is because this kind of treatment generates a neural response in some areas of the brain that are affected by cognitive diseases. Patients who have undergone such noticed improvement in depression, anxiety, and many others.

The use of such treatment on pregnant women also posed many health benefits. Some were noted to experience emotional balance due to balanced hormones and reduced physical strain and stress on their bodies. Pain and anxiety that accompanies labor are also lessened.

After labor, some women may experience mental and physical stress but acupuncture was observed to alleviate such. However, there are points that should be avoided during pregnancy. This is why it is important that one ensures that the one they hired is qualified and licensed to do such, especially in pregnant women.

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