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Comprehensive Low Cost Leadership Development Options

By Jeffrey Price

The world is in need of good leaders now more than ever. These are dynamic individuals who can take charge of complex brands and lead them into a profitable future with integrity. While internal training programs develop leaders, their skill set is limited. Personal development through low cost leadership development options is the best way to achieve universal skills.

Getting a mentor means that you identify, contact and maintain links with an accomplished person with whom you share ideas and experiences. The mentor also guides you on steps to take to achieve whatever you desire. Such a person should be accomplished and held in high regard in his field. Pick one from your department, organization, etc. Consider an outsider as well so that the skills and ideas shared are diverse. You have an opportunity to generate an own cocktail of the best ideas. This makes you a versatile leader.

Go for an accountability group. While mentors cultivate your ability and push you to achieve desired goals, an accountability group keeps you motivated and in check. It could be a person you call every day to report progress and seek encouragement. This gives you an opportunity to share goals and resources. It is from this group that you will get valuable contacts and the push to pursue your goals when you are most discouraged.

Pleasant and sociable people make the best leaders. Leadership revolves around taking charge of resources and people. You must thus be good at making friends and relationship building. Your seniors watch your relationships and how profitable they are. The HR will also recommend a person who is easier to relate with. Avoid stepping on peers or compromising your integrity.

Volunteer your skills every time you get the chance. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to meet people. Consider working at the registration desk during a conference. Sit in a committee within your association or organize a day out for executives. Volunteering should aim at exercising your skills. This will fill gaps in your experience and work sections on your resume. The experience gained and contacts collected will prove valuable in future.

Consider the lateral and cross function opportunities that come your way. Leadership is about managing complex situations. While you are a marketer, it helps to know what finance or social media guys do. Spend a few minutes at the reception or with accountant. You have a grasp of what running an organization means. Your decisions will therefore be holistic.

Focus on personal development as well. The best leader is an all rounded one. This means control over your health, social life, talents, etc. The options available include learning a new language, short courses, exercising, eating a healthy diet, etc. You have greater control over your life and approach situations with enthusiasm. People become more confident in your ability.

Being a mentor is like having fire under your seat or a camera watching every action. It demands the best out of you since someone considers you a role model and is watching. It takes away the thoughts or chances of failure. As such, you will work harder at personal level eliminating any chance to fail. You cannot relax when someone is looking up to you.

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