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Reasons To Consider A Custom Mural Design

By Debra Baker

These days, it is encouraged for people to set themselves apart from the norm and be as expressive and creative and individual as possible. This applies to individuals as well as to businesses. Presenting the right visuals to others can capture some very good attention, and this can be done using a custom mural design.

Active and sportswear brands like Converse have been known to use custom murals in order to reach out to their youthful target market. These designs can be found on the walls of stores all over the world in order to attract customers. This is a really good business move, but it is also providing a really good outlet for artists to step forward and get their work seen.

A custom design could work wonders in a business space. It should be thought of as part of the decor and will become an important component to the overall look of the space. Choosing colors and images wisely is important, as these elements can and will affect the mood of the location, which will influence both employees and clientele alike.

You can use artwork outdoors in order to attract new clientele. Think about putting a design in a visible location, such as a wall facing an area or road with lots of traffic. The right artwork will make strangers curious to learn more about the space where it is located, and this could spur them on to walk right through the doors of a business.

Murals are also great for at home. A lot of people will say that this is only the type of thing to go in a child's room, but a properly-done mural could actually be the perfect detail in any part of the home. Turn a great design into a conversation starter in one of the home's social rooms instead of hanging a painting on the wall. Placement is key and you can be as creative as you want, like putting a mural on the ceiling if it works!

It's always best to let children have some say in any artwork that goes on their walls. You could even let them help with the design or the actual painting. This type of activity is a great way to get a group or community together for a common cause, such as livening up a school or old building in the neighborhood.

A mural can be absolutely anything once it works. It can have a theme or be completely abstract. Animals, shapes and bright colors generally tend to work for a younger audience. Psychedelic-style murals are great for spaces like a gym, dance or yoga studio. An office space or other organization may be better suited to a design that works alongside the company objective.

Murals are great to paint yourself if you have the drive or you can easily find artists willing to do it. This is great outlet for someone to be expressive and creative, whether you want to let them take charge or give them some creative direction. You can find an artist through online forums or simply by asking around. For all you know, you have one right there in a creative relative or friend that you previously did not know about!

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