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Focusing On Emotional Growth In Adults

By Christopher Jackson

People who are emotional mature will be more content in life. They are able to be more focused in the home environment as well as in the work place. It can be easier to cope in relationships. It is easier to make day to day decisions, and there will be limited frustration in one's life. Emotional growth in adults, is therefore something to focus on.

The trauma you have been through as a child will lead to a lot of issues in your adult life. You will suffer emotionally, and it becomes difficult to function when you have been severely affected. You may have trouble making choices or coping with relationships. It can cause a lot of frustration in one's life. One may develop certain psychological disorders.

People who have been exposed to trauma and who are not dealing with it will display this emotionally. They may be fearful in certain situations. They may display shame or guilt as well as anger. It can be difficult to know how to move forward when you are stuck like this, because when you have not advanced in life, you will struggle to make the right choices in your life.

Some people are emotionally immature because of a traumatic experience, and talking about this can be helpful. It will be easier to cope with over time. It is more difficult for someone with a personality disorder. They need to learn about various mechanisms which can help them cope when they are feeling anxious and this makes them seem as if they are childish.

When looking at a person who is emotionally immature, you may see them to be the party animal. They will be out every night and this will be the cycle. Some people will admire this wondering how they are able to keep it up. However, deep down, the person who is out partying finds that this is the only way in dealing with their emotions. They continue to live like an adolescent because they don't want to face their fears.

Sometimes a person will blame themselves for something that wasn't their fault. They will become aggressive and throw tantrums, which are not called for. Some people become depressed and withdrawn. There is always a deeper meaning and an underlying issue for these problems and one needs to look at what is bothering the person.

Someone who is emotionally immature will also have trouble with their relationships because they are more child like in their behavior. They may react sensitively. They may be less focused and they will be unable to be as intimate which obviously causes complications in the relationship. This may only come to surface during marriage counseling.

In some cases, it can take a long time to work through all of these emotions. It may include feelings like fear, rage, shame and guilt. A lot of people have to talk to someone and face up to their fears for a number of years before they come to terms with what they are going through. However, this is something that must be done in order to know where you are going next.

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