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Normal Christianity Found In The Psalms

By Carolyn Stewart

The bible has the most amazing collection of life transforming books. Christians can learn something unique from each book about everyday. The book of psalms takes a poetic angle in its narration. The normal Christianity found in the psalms captures the triumphant moments, depressing ones, defeat and exaltation of God. It captures aspects like gratitude, humility, praise and obedience to the law, the basic elements of a Christian life.

The opening chapter is a perfect place to start for any Christian. It sets the foundation for Christian living which is following the law of the Lord. As one follows the law, he is required to avoid the paths of sinners. Beyond doing and not doing, one is required to meditate upon the word. While there is a promise of prosperity for the people who follow the law, the wicked are left to perish.

Chapter 23 is one of the most popular and recited prayers of surrender. It begins with recognition of the Lord as a shepherd who provides all a Christian needs. This is a story of a person who has enjoyed the goodness of God. He eats his fill despite the machinations of enemies. Beyond that, he has the promise of eternal life.

David in chapter 121 cries to God but closes the cry with exaltation. This is a prayer for a person who is beaten by life and is wondering who will rescue him. At his lowest point, David recognizes that his help will only come from the creator of heaven and earth. In his words, this creator does not sleep or abandon his people. He watches over his creation by day and night, never allowing them to fall or strike their toes on a rock.

Christians sometimes feel abandoned or lost in the world. This is the basis of chapter 42 which equates the desire to be one with God to that of a deer panting for cool waters. The psalmist even reminisces days he used to feel close to God to the point of leading praises in the temple. It is a cry for rescue, giving Christians the right words to cry to God when that time comes.

The evil doers sometimes seem to prosper while the righteous struggle despite their adherence to the law. This is what chapter 37 captures. It calls upon the righteous not to envy the exploits of the wicked because it fades as fast as it is acquired, just like the burning grass fire. For the righteous, the earth is their inheritance.

Is there anything that a Christian can do without God knowing? The omnipresent nature of God is captured in chapter 139 where David talks about finding no place to hide because God has searched his thoughts and actions and knows him perfectly. He knows him when he is coming and going. There is no way man can hide any act or thought from his creator.

The book of Psalms captures a holistic Christian life with submission, defiance, praise and exaltation. Its poetic approach simplifies the message and makes it perfect for music. There are also valuable teachings about life that will make Christian living more fulfilling.

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