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How Normal Christianity Found In The Psalms Work

By Mark Reed

Poetry once used to be the tribal communication module, a very ancient form of mnemonics with rhyme and metering. When history was the spoken word, it was important to couch it in easy to remember, and later iterations took in beautiful letters. Luckily, poetic techniques like rhyme also spelled the most beautiful ways of expressing concepts that could range from simple to complex.

From the ancients came the base hearth laws later adapted by Christians, and these were based on reason and universal orders. When studied in their original configurations, these would probably sound very like normal Christianity found in the Psalms. And along with the tenets of the Christian testament, they form the most evolved concepts that can be found in the Bible.

Modern, in this sense, was probably Iudea, a Palestinian kingdom that worked under the Roman proconsul. The ancient laws were revamped and made more applicable to the present tense. And beauty came with it, with all that the roseate human brain could think of in those terms, in the sense of heaven and the highest order of civilized life deserved by a faithful and law abiding people.

It took two millennia for these concepts to become normative or normal for the majority of people on earth. It took wars, generations of misfits, evil concepts that took root in empires and kingdoms, and many kinds of wrongheaded philosophy before people learned what was correct. It took rivers of blood, mountains of bones, and shattered landscapes to hardwire the concepts into racial memory.

Normal Christianity is all about celebrating life, happiness and love. The exact values that David tried his best to make strong every time he sang, and even through the dark lens of nations committing murder as an accepted way of life throughout the Fertile Crescent during his time. This last Christian redaction before the second Christian millennia was perhaps the most important.

The one thing that normal Christianity may have done is keep believers firmly connected to the fundamentals of peaceful and harmonious living even in times of great stress, a mission it has accomplished well. But then, more things need to done along these lines today. That makes Psalms and its lessons a still very important book for living the true Christian life.

Studying the Psalms and relevant commentaries will be excellent. Because it has been redacted to address all the complex issues of that day, the Psalms have the flavor of maturity and wisdom that cannot be found in many Old Testament passages, even those that were originally done in verse. Poetics perhaps made a departure from this Biblical turning point, and the older oral histories without the beautiful element started being classified as verse.

Literature in sundry directions after this focal turning point, even as they were closely allied to active Christian movements. Those who want a deeper understanding of the passages in Psalms need to study continuously. It is something that the faithful can practice with great results.

Some of the most relevant Bibles to use in these times are the NRSV and NASB, with perhaps some passages taken from the King James Version. Most Bibles being distributed today are considered standard for all Christians. Copies can be gotten for free from mission groups.

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