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How Vietnam Vets Donation Has Impacted The Lives Of So Many

By Christine Parker

It may seem strange for those not old enough to remember, but there was a time when returning soldiers were not treated with open arms. The war in Southeast Asia was a conflict that many citizens found immoral, and the men and women who chose to fight were thought by some to be a symbol of everything wrong about the choices politicians made. Soldiers were often greeted with contempt and disrespectful comments. It could be very difficult to be a veteran during this time. Many found adjusting hard and needed the services a Vietnam Vets donation helped provide.

There are many nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping all the veterans of foreign wars. They have many functions and do as much as they can. A lot of servicemen and women come back from combat zones with severe physical injuries. They may have to undergo numerous surgeries and months or years of rehabilitation. During this time, many are not able to work which can produce great hardship for their families.

For the Southeast Asian war veterans, post-traumatic stress disorder has been a particular problem. Many of them have found it nearly impossible to maintain a normal life over the years. These veterans were also exposed to the deadly agent orange and have suffered from the effects of that exposure. Veteran suicide rates are much higher than those of civilians, which is testimony to the difficulties many face when they try to adjust to life off the battlefield.

Understanding what benefits they are entitled to and how to go about getting them, is very confusing for a lot of veterans. One of the things donations help nonprofits do is to make sure benefit paperwork is filled out correctly and goes to the right agency, so the veteran can begin to receive assistance as soon as possible. They keep up with the legislation going through Congress that will affect soldiers and contact representatives on these veterans' behalf.

For some veterans, military duty is the first and only job they have ever had. Once they retire and have to find employment in the civilian world, many are at a loss. Donations to veterans' organizations make it possible for them to have an advocate who knows how to help them assess their current job skills, write effective resumes, handle job interviews, and dress appropriately for the workplace.

Nonprofits who work with veterans are tireless advocates for their rights and benefits. They lobby Congress on the veterans' behalf and contact Representative and Senators when bills affecting the lives of service people are in Congressional committees.

Making it possible for service people to have somewhere to go to talk with others who have experienced the pressures they deal with is important, and one of the things nonprofits do is to establish outreach programs that help veterans avoid the feeling of isolation.

It is necessary to remember that most veterans volunteered to place themselves in harm's way. Their service to the country should be honored not matter whether or not people agree with the decisions politicians make that send soldiers into war zones.

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