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Veterans Organizations And What They Do

By Michael Watson

Organizations can be set up for servicemen who fought in wars that have been fought by the United States all over the world. They have a lot of goals or objectives, philosophies, affiliations, advocacies and needs. Standard or established groups automatically include all qualified vets, and most associate with these because of their non sectarian or special goals and requirements.

The standard vet outfits are those like the Army and Navy Union of the United States of America. Vietnam veterans organizations are numerous, because there are still many survivors of the war who are alive. And there a lot more because of the many political personal, social and political factors that have grown out of the conflict.

Those orgs that can be considered physically healthy are those reservists for Army, Navy and the like. There may be reserve groups for air squadrons, divisions or naval units these people used to be members of. It means that people here are of fighting age and fitness, but there may be less of these for Vietnam due to its unpopularity.

This view of this war might have even caused many to form underground movements against the government because of grievances that they have. Also, some of them have been wronged to the point that they are beholden to fight for their rights. A lot of these might be on watchdog lists, but not in those recognized by the government.

Federal, state or local governments all need to acknowledge groups of former servicemen, because they have helped defend the country. Also, authorities are beholden to maintain ties with these because they cannot alienate what many consider to be the backbone supporting American freedom. Thus, the most sterling organizations can be financially, materially and morally supported by government.

There are orgs for vets who are members of a race or ethnic group, and these may be fighting a different kind of war for equal opportunity and treatment. Outfits like these can include those who are affiliated to religious denominations of brotherhoods. Those people who served during Vietnam may find these comforting enough after the political battles done by protest organizations.

Then, it is interesting to note that Vietnam is just one war, and there are so many orders that were created before it came around. Veterans are wont to form into military sodalities, too, like professional groups in armor, artillery, signals and even war journalists, generally specialties that have also fought their battles. Many will have the most sterling or exemplary causes and goals.

The qualities of these organizations are often those that enable or help other veterans. So they will have support services or programs for the disabled, for those who have died and left families, and those who are finding it hard to reintegrate into society. PTSD, a psychological condition brought on by war trauma was a thing first discovered in Vietnam combat vets.

A good organization is Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Which is probably the largest of groups formed because of the war. So members have often come from the Vietnamese battlefield, but it will not be confined to helping out the vets in that war alone. In fact, most if not all groups will help out any veteran, whatever war he or she may have come from.

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