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What Long Island Advertising Agencies Can Tell You About Social Passwords

By Katie Onson

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; these are just a few social media websites that people use today. You might have accounts for sites like these as well, meaning that it's important to keep them protected. This is done in the form of password selection, which is more critical than you might think. If you want to know about social media passwords, these are some of the important details provided by Long Island advertising agencies.

First and foremost, choose a password that you can easily remember. While you might be inclined to write it down somewhere, the truth is that such information can become lost, potentially landing in the wrong hands. Companies such as fishbat will agree, which is why passwords should be easy enough to remember, without others being able to easily figure them out. This is just one piece of advice that your local Long Island advertising agency can provide.

Next, make sure that you keep your passwords varied across the different social media accounts that you have. Let's say that, for the sake of argument, that someone cracks your Facebook account by figuring out your password. That individual may use the same password to get into your Twitter, Instagram or any other social account that you have. Keep things varied; it will do wonders for your sense of security.

Lastly, in order to create the best possible passwords, you should make sure that different characters are utilized. What this means is that letters, numbers, and special characters alike should be brought into the mix. You'd be surprised by how much stronger a password can be if it includes percentage signs, dollar signs, and what have you. Keep this in mind if you are stumped on figuring out a passcode for a new account.

This is just a small slice of information that you can use in order to create the strongest passwords for your social media accounts. These sites are secure, for the most part, but anyone that's been on the Internet for an extended period will tell you that the element of risk is present. With this in mind, hopefully this information will help you keep your overall social presence protected. By proxy, you'll be more likely to use these sites moving forward.

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