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Why Emotional Growth In Adults Is Important

By Paul Smith

You will know whether you are emotionally mature or whether you are living in an adult body, but simply feel like a child. Emotional growth in adults is a key feature to your overall happiness in life. However, if you are not happy with this, it means that you have to go through a long process, understanding what leads to this feeling.

There are many reasons why someone is less mature than another person. Sometimes it is due to the fact that they have been abused emotionally or physically. They could have been abandoned or neglected. Basically, when someone did not have a lot of adult guidance as a child, they would be lacking something. This gives you something more in your adult life.

You often feel trapped or stuck in your job or in your personal life. Many people are always trying to improve their life and they are able to cope with various challenges that come their way. However, someone who is not emotionally mature, will not be able to cope in the same way. They may become anxious or depressed when they have too much on their plate to cope with.

Someone who is more mature will not feel sorry for themselves. They may come across the odd challenge, because this is part of life, but they won't see themselves as a victim in life. They will become angry, but they will be able to control their temper in most circumstances. They are not as sensitive as someone who is emotionally immature.

This means that they are not easily hurt, and it obviously helps you in life when you have this type of character. You will also not be easily hurt by others. When you are hurt by others very easily, it usually comes down to the fact that you have been abused in the past. These are the underlying feelings and emotions that you are experiencing.

You may feel as if you are sitting with a lot of other people your age that you still just feel like a child. You may feel very awkward in this type of setting. You can even go numb. This can take you back to when you were still young being abused. You stay stuck at this age. You seem to be immature and unstable. Fortunately, there is therapy for this type of way of thinking.

Healthy people will come across challenges in life. These may be difficult, but they will overcome them because they are able to make decisions. They are not easily hurt. They will not hurt others in the same way and this is the difference. They have more of a thick skin, and they are assertive. This is what it takes to get over a challenge. It is something to work towards.

Patients often think that they have been victimized. Of course, they have, but when they tell their stories and they continue with this, people will become bored. They can't continue to be a victim their entire life. People admire those who are brave with courage. A therapist will offer encouragement and motivation. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the individual.

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