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Why So Many People Trust A Denver Psychic Medium

By Susan Moore

People that claim that they have paranormal capabilities are nothing new. Throughout the ages there have always been those that claimed to be able to communicate with beings in other dimensions, to tell the future and to foresee major events, to name just a few of their talents. To this day paranormal practitioners can be found in every city and in every country. For many loyal clients, readings from a Denver psychic medium are part of their day to day lives.

People that believe in paranormal phenomena and those that practice it has always been part of an ongoing controversy. Critics say that these people do not have any special paranormal abilities. They are just opportunists that prey on innocent and gullible people. Critics say many practitioners know how to apply very basic psychological principles to convince their clients that they have extraordinary gifts.

Critics also accuse paranormal practitioners of leading their clients to believe that they know best. Clients follow their advice blindly, often making serious errors of judgement in the process. Of course the mediums will never admit to mistakes, but will rather convince the client that he has not followed the instructions properly or that he simply misunderstood the nature of the advice he was given.

Regardless of the fierce criticism, paranormal mediums still enjoy a great deal of support. They point out that they are often employed by law enforcement agencies to help them solve cases that seem to be unsolvable. In this arena they have indeed achieved many positive results and these cases have been highlighted in the media. It is also true that many celebrities routinely consult mediums, thus providing them with respectability.

Paranormal supporters say that their critics are not properly informed. They claim that there is no reputable practitioner that will ever claim the ability to read the future or the minds of people. Neither will any practitioner admit to the ability to mix potions or to perform rites that aim to guarantee a specific outcome. They are simply mediums. They communicate between realms and interpret the messages they receive.

Some practitioners say that they had no choice other than to become what they are. They claim that they were chosen as channels of communication between beings form other dimensions, even the realm of death and that it is their job to relay the messages that they receive. Christians that scoff at this claim should perhaps remember that the Bible is well stocked with human characters that played this type of role.

People that consult with mediums must accept the fact that they do so at their own risk. If they choose to follow the advice given to them and have a bad experience then they will have to accept full responsibility. There are no governing bodies regulating this field. There is therefore no official channel where complaints can be lodged or disputes mediated.

Offering paranormal consultations in exchange for a fee is perfectly legal. No formal training or special accreditation is required. Yet more and more people consult such practitioners and the industry is showing brisk growth. Whether it is a valuable and valid service is a decision every person must make for himself.

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