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Advice And Golfing Instructions Orlando FL Pros Give To Parents Teaching Their Kids

By Ruth Ward

Parents who love to participate in a certain sport often want to pass that enthusiasm on to their young children. Golfers are no exception. If they want to be successful at cultivating a passion for the game in their kids, parents need to remember some important things. First of all, little children love to play. Golf may just be a great chance to ride in a cart, hit a ball, and have a parent's complete attention. The golfing instructions Orlando FL pros find most effective emphasize the fun of the game.

Even young children need the right equipment to maximize their success. It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on clubs that your youngster will quickly outgrow. Most experts agree however, that cutting adult clubs down is not the best solution either. Even adjusted, adult equipment is usually too heavy and stiff for a small child to be able to handle well. Purchasing one or two children's clubs first is a better idea.

Experts suggest parents start with putting. It's not too overwhelming, and you don't need much strength to do it. Teaching the Y position first will give kids a good start. You can show them how to keep their thumbs on the top of the putter, then let them play. Miniature golf is a great way to give them a chance to practice.

Chipping may well be an art, but it can be a good next shot to introduce to small children. Holding the club in a hot dog grip is something most youngsters can master, and you have already introduced the Y stance. You can place the ball at various distances from the green, and give your child a set amount of swings to get it as close to the cup as possible.

The full swing naturally comes next, and most kids are excited to try their hands at this iconic exercise. The hot dog grip is a carry over from chipping, and teaching the finish should be done in a relaxed and patient manner. Many adults spend their whole lives trying to master a balanced swing. Getting your child to hold a proper finish will set him or her off on the right path.

An outing to the local golf range can be a great bonding experience for you and your child. Small children have short attention spans, so an hour is probably going to be the most you can expect them to last. Rotating between the putting green, chipping green, and driving range will break up the exercise.

The golf course is an adult world for most children, and many enjoy spending time there with their parents. Even though playing a whole round may not be possible for youngsters yet, letting them take a few practice swings and try out a putting green, as you are playing your game, will be a treat for them.

Watching your child learn and enjoy a sport that you love is a great feeling. Spending quality time with a little one is something priceless. You should both have fun, and remember it's a game.

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